How to Fix a Pitted Garage Floor

  Even the smoothest of concrete surfaces can eventually succumb to wear. A pitted garage floor can yield more than a jagged appearance. If left alone, these small holes can grow in size and number. Fortunately, a concrete garage floor can be cleaned and resurfaced in a day; most of the time, it can even [...]

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7 Easy Garage Organization Ideas

  A lack of garage organization can drastically reduce your its’ usefulness. Besides, no one is proud of their garage if it’s a cluttered mess. But rather than neglecting your garage, there are easy organization ideas that will turn it into the functional space it can be.   When carefully planned, a garage organization project [...]

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Garage Door Buying Guide

Buying a garage door can be much more complex than on the surface, which is why we’ve created the Garage Door Buying Guide. A garage door must be the perfect fit for your home. It is both a driver of functionality and curb appeal. Since a garage door can take up a third of the [...]

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Top 5 Garage Organization Ideas

For most of us, our garage space can be better utilized. A home garage can be a versatile room, but lawn care equipment, tools, bikes, sports gear, cleaning supplies, automotive accessories, and other items can create clutter. The more disorganized your garage, the less useful it is. Garage organization ideas such [...]

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The Ultimate Garage Storage & Organization Guide

If you’ve allowed belongings like tools, toys, old furniture, and workout equipment to slowly edge your car out of its intended parking space, it is probably time to get a fresh start. And don’t beat yourself up about the clutter. You are not alone. We all are in the habit of casting out items and [...]

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10 Fun Garage Door Stats That Will Surprise You!

Your garage door is the largest moving part in your home and perhaps works harder than any object or appliance that you own. To maximize your safety, and provide you with some intriguing facts, here are garage door stats homeowners should know. The most common garage door injuries are caused by pinched or crushed [...]

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Garage Sale Tips

You know what they say: “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” Whether you are looking to make some decent pocket change or rid yourself, and your home, of some excess clutter be sure and read the following nine tips to ensure a successful, money-making sale. Preparing Your Garage Sale #1. Set a date, or [...]

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Add Space With A Garage Car Lift

Cars, tools, lawn equipment, bikes, camping gear, and holiday decorations are all examples of common items that can easily be stored in your garage. Storing all these items in the garage, however, takes up valuable real estate. To take advantage of all the space your garage has to offer, it is necessary to impose some structure, [...]

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