Beat the Heat: 6 Garage Cooling Solutions

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Few people bother to cool their garages. But on 100°F+ days in Las Vegas, the air temperature inside can get so hot the space is practically useless. West facing garages, darker garage door colors, and the heat from a vehicle can exacerbate the problem. But there are ways to beat the heat, especially if you use your garage as a workshop or other functional space.

Why Do I Need to Cool My Garage?

Your garage can be 10°F to 18°F warmer than it is outside. In the summer, this can make it hard to work on a vehicle or exercise, and limits the amount of comfortable workspace in your home. When you park your car, heat radiating from it can add several more degrees to the temperature inside your garage. Your garage may be usable only during certain times of the day, like the early morning.

How to Beat the Heat

1. Ventilation Fans

If you just want something basic that will keep air moving, a ventilation fan in your garage may be sufficient. Moving air around can help reduce the temperature in your garage, and if you use chemicals, it can be a good idea to keep air circulating. Most of the time, however, fans will generate airflow to make it more comfortable rather than lower actual air temperature.

A simple oscillating fan is suited for small rooms, while high-power shop fans may be needed for larger garages. If your garage has no windows, a ceiling fan can provide relief from the heat. You can also use more than one fan. Aiming one at a window or open garage door can blow hot air outside. Direct a second fan toward your work area for a refreshing breeze.

2. Add a Ventilation System

Passive ventilation dissipates heat from your garage through the roof, via a type of spinning turbine. An active ventilation system removes hot air mechanically. It is more complex, and therefore pricier, but can be installed on the roof or within your garage’s walls. Active systems also use a lot of electricity so consider utility costs and the capacity of your electrical circuits.

3. Portable AC Units

There are ductless air conditioning systems that can be installed in your garage and keep it just as cool as the inside of your home. The great thing about ductless units is that they’re standalone air conditioning systems. Despite being more costly than fans, these systems are more effective at lowering indoor temperatures.

You don’t have to run air ducts to your garage, and the lines for coolant and power can easily be run with a minimum of installation work. Portable ACs are very energy efficient, and if you’re cooling your garage, it can cut down on the heat that seeps into your home from your there. Even a window-mounted air conditioner can be very effective.

4. Insulated Garage Doors

If you use your garage as a workshop and you’re using a portable air conditioning system, you may want to consider insulated garage doors in Las Vegas. So long as you’re not working with chemicals or something that creates dangerous fumes, you may want to keep the cool air inside by shutting your garage door while you work.

If you don’t have an insulated garage door, the cool air may escape easily while the heat goes through your garage door. That can drive up the cost of cooling your garage. With an insulated door, you can ensure heat from outside doesn’t increase the temperature in your garage.

When selecting a garage door, consider the material. Wood provides more insulation but even steel or aluminum doors can be layered with core insulating materials. Installing insulation on the inside of metal garage doors and to the walls and ceiling is beneficial. You can also add weatherstripping and silicone caulk to the frames of windows and doors.

5. Add Some Shade

A rollaway awning on the side of your garage facing the sun provides cooling shade. In the winter, it can allow more sunlight to warm things up. Also, pick a location to plant a tree, ideally between the garage and where the sun is during the mid- to late-afternoon. Leafy hardwood trees like Oak, Ash, and Walnut are well-suited for this purpose.

6. Clean Up the Clutter

Throwing away unnecessary items and organizing your garage can improve airflow and air quality. If air can flow more freely, the temperature may feel cooler and your cooling systems will be more effective. A cabinet or overhead storage system can help with organization, which lets you get more use out of your garage.

Call Precision Door Service of Las Vegas

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