Chamberlain Garage Door Openers

Chamberlain Garage Door Openers

Belt Drives

Elite Series 8500W

This wall-mount Wi-Fi garage door opener frees up ceiling space. It includes built-in Wi-Fi, for control using the myQ® app, and battery backup that lets you operate your garage door even during a power outage.

Elite Series 8500

If space is tight, this wall-mount opener incorporates an ultra-quiet DC motor and DC Battery Backup. An automatic garage door lock secures your door once it’s closed, providing added peace of mind.

Elite Series 8550W

A virtually silent opener allows you to set a recurring schedule to close the door. Like many of our models, it offers a range of safety and security features, including support for Amazon in-garage deliveries, which you can monitor and control from your smartphone.

Elite Series WLED

Delivering 3,100 lumens of LED light, this is the brightest of our Chamberlain garage openers. It includes a belt drive and quiet DC motor, built-in Wi-Fi, and Battery Backup as well as smooth start/stop operation.

Elite Series 8550WLB

Enjoy full power and quiet operation, even when the power goes out. Close the garage door or turn the lights on/off using myQ technology, and sync with your smart devices.

Chain Drives

Elite Series 8587W

Lifts the heaviest of doors, thanks to a ¾ hp motor and i-beam rail system. It also deadbolts your door when closed and lets you get secure delivery of Amazon Prime packages.

Premium Series 8360WLB

Equipped with an industrial-strength chain drive, the 8360WLB meets California SB-969 regulations for Battery backup. It also brightens your garage with motion-detection lighting and supports the latest home connectivity technologies.

Premium Series 8355W

A ½ hp AC motor provides reliable support for standard aluminum doors. The 8355W also offers a vibration isolation system, not to mention practically silent operation and seamless home network connectivity.

Premium Series 8365W-267

Perks include an industrial-strength chain drive, convenient Wi-Fi control, a keyless entry system, and an extra remote control. If efficiency is your priority, keep the opener in standby mode to consume 75% less power.

Contractor Series 8160WB

Control your garage door through the myQ® app. A durable, industrial strength drive ensures reliability while a unique code sent with every click provides security.

Contractor Series 8160W

A smooth, quiet DC motor, industrial-strength chain drive, and smartphone control make this one of our most convenient openers. Connect your opener to the home network and even allow deliveries of Amazon Prime packages whether you’re home or not.

Contractor Series 8165W

A modest ½ hp from the AC chain drive keeps your garage door running smoothly. Operate your door remotely thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity and save power in standby mode, while enjoying all the safety and security features of Chamberlain garage door openers.

Contractor Series 8164W

Open or close the door using a control button or your smartphone. Compact yet efficient, the unit offers perks such as unique security codes with each click and the same safety features of our higher end models.

Contractor Series 8155W

A belt drive system with superior strength and virtually silent operation. This power saving Chamberlain garage opener includes a ½ hp motor and resists forced door openings.

Contractor Series 8010

A compact chain/cable system provides basic performance, thanks to a long-lasting, quiet DC motor. Highly durable, this unit features a square steel drive system and all the safety and security you need for peace of mind.

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