Holiday Events In and Around Las Vegas

Oh yes, it is the most wonderful time of the year! Yes, the holidays are most certainly a part of it, but for Nevada residents there is nothing quite like community events which reminds us of what we cherish the most...togetherness. Not only can we visit with friends and family, we can also rejoice in the magic of the season, [...]

Four Leading Causes of Off-Track Garage Doors

Why Garage Doors Come Off Their Tracks After garage door opener malfunctions, many Las Vegas garage door repair calls have to do with doors coming off their tracks. The leading reason for this is that people sometimes forget that the door is closed and accidentally hit it with their vehicles. That cause is obvious, but there are also causes that are less [...]

How Long Do You Think Your Garage Will Last Until It Needs Replacement

Learn about the factors that should be considered in the typical lifespan of a garage door and what you can do to make sure that the door remains fully functional for as long as possible. How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Garage Door Garage doors and garage door openers get a lot of use. They also face constant exposure [...]

How You Can Benefit From a Contemporary Garage Door

Everything You Should Know About Contemporary Garage Doors While you are searching for garage doors in Henderson, you may consider getting a contemporary design. This style is becoming increasingly popular among new homeowners. If your home has been crafted in a modern architectural style, you may want to consider placing a contemporary garage door alongside it. What Is the Contemporary [...]

Decision Points When Choosing a New Garage Door

Decisions to Be Made When Buying a Garage Door If you’ve ever built a house or remodeled a room, you know that a myriad of questions from the color of the paint to the style of the doorknob can overwhelm you. Although you won’t have as many decisions to make when installing a new garage door, you’ll still have several [...]

Learn When to Replace the Weather Stripping on Your Garage Door

Signs of Poor Garage Door Weather Stripping A solid garage door lets you feel confident in knowing it will keep your car safe from burglars – and safe from Mother Nature too. Though these doors come with weather stripping on the bottom and sides, the stripping can crack or peel over time. Even if you don’t notice the weather stripping [...]

Advantages Of Selecting A Steel Garage Door

Why Use A Steel Garage Door For Your Home Garage doors come with a variety of different material options that you will be presented with during the selection process. One material that stands out is steel, which is a type of durable metal that offers numerous benefits for your garage. Before you choose your next garage door, it's important to [...]

NASCAR Winds Down Exciting Season

With four drivers vying for the coveted NASCAR Sprint Cup championship, all eyes will be on Homestead-Miami Speedway this Sunday. Denny Hamlin, Joey Logano, Ryan Newman, and Kevin Harvick look to out muscle each other in a race to the finish at the Ford EcoBoost 400. Of the four, Ryan Newman is perhaps the most surprising as he has yet [...]

Which Garage Door Material Is Best?

When you decide to purchase a new garage door, you're faced with a number of choices. One of the biggest decisions you will need to make is selecting the material of the door. There are many types of garage door materials and there are few things you should factor in when making a choice. Today we will cover some of [...]

Decorating Your Garage Doors for the Holidays

If you enjoy decorating your home during Christmas and other holidays, then you should take advantage of the opportunities provided by the garage doors at your Las Vegas home. Think of it as a giant canvas that gives you ample chance to create your personal expression of the holiday spirit. Wrap a Bow Around It Perhaps the simplest way to [...]

Advice for Buying a Garage Door

Tips for Buying a New Garage Door When your old garage door needs to be updated or is no longer operating well, it may be time to upgrade to a newer product. Choosing the right garage door will require plenty of planning to ensure that you make a purchase that benefits your home for many years to come. If you [...]

Consider Garage Door Trends When Looking to Upgrade

Garage doors are often overlooked as focal points of homes. Some of the latest innovations in door designs and construction are designed to enhance a property's appeal while being more efficient. Trends in Garage Door Designs Depending on the location of your garage door, the feature can play a major role in terms of curb appeal. The construction materials used, [...]

The Reasons Why Your Garage Door Is Opening and Closing by Itself

Garage doors are supposed to only open or close when you push the button on your remote or flip the switch on the garage door's wall. If your garage door opens and closes all by itself, you will need to arrange for a professional to troubleshoot and repair the door so that you can maintain your home's security. Why Your [...]

Strategic Ways to Avoid Costly Garage Door Repairs

The most simple garage door problems can develop into issues that have high repair costs. In order to save money and avoid these situations, specific maintenance procedures must be implemented. Maintenance Strategies That Prevent Costly Garage Door Repairs Most homeowners spend more cash than they have to on garage door repair in Henderson when vital tasks aren't tackled on time. [...]

Services Included and Not Included in a Garage Door Installation

When you purchase a new garage door, the price of the door may not include all of the services you need. You will need to ask whether services such as installation and maintenance are included or if you will be paying for them separately. Three Important Services for Installing a New Garage Door When you are buying a new garage [...]

How to Keep Your Garage Door Well Maintained

When you own a garage door, properly maintaining it will ensure that the door has a lengthy life and provides you with a return on investment. Preventative Maintenance for Your Garage Door A garage door signifies a rather sizable investment. Not only do these doors provide shelter for your vehicles and other possessions, but they also offer a substantial improvement [...]

Enhance Resale Value with a Finished Garage

With a few tweaks, your garage could be an essential part of your home. By enhancing the garage walls, the flooring, and the door, you could greatly improve your house's resale value. 3 Ways That Your Garage Can Increase Your Home's Value When thinking about the value of your home, it's easy to forget the garage. However, garages can greatly [...]

How to Know If It’s Time to Replace Your Garage Door

When Should I Replace My Garage Door? It's tough trying to choose your next home improvement project. You want to pick a task that will give you a high return on investment. One of the best ways to get that good return on investment is by getting a replacement garage door. But when exactly do you get those new garage [...]

Easy Ways to Boost a Garage Door Opener’s Range

When the environment around a garage door changes, the process of activating key operational mechanisms can be a hassle. However, by making several simple adjustments, a garage door opener will function efficiently in a variety of locations. How to Increase a Garage Door Opener's Range Because trees and other elements can affect how efficiently a garage door opener operates, a [...]

Prevent Air Leaks on a Garage Door by Eliminating Rust

When rain impacts an area near a steel garage door, rust will begin to generate on the paneling if proper procedures aren't implemented. Thanks to the many maintenance solutions that are sold in stores, the process of maintaining a steel door throughout the rainy season isn't a hassle. Strategies That Keep Rust Off Garage Door Components Because rust impacts steel [...]

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