Torsion and Extension Garage Door Springs


This blog post will talk about the differences between extension and torsion springs. The post will also discuss which type of springs are best for your garage

Torsion and Extension Springs: Which are Best for Your Garage?

When your garage door breaks, you’ll have to think about installers, materials, and the types of garage door springs that can raise and lower your door. The springs on your garage are more important than most people realize. Damage to your property, injury and even death can await someone who is experiencing issues with this crucial door part.

This blog post will include the two most common types of door springs. They include extension and torsion springs.

Torsion Springs

With torsion springs, torque is used to raise your door. Torsion springs attach above the opening of your garage. They coil and twist on a shaft whenever you apply force in this area. These springs come in a lot of varieties, including lengths and wires. Experts calculate these differences on the weight of your garage door, track radius, height, and other aspects.

Extension Springs

Extension springs sit on the tracks on the sides of your garage door. These springs are the type most commonly seen in households. When you open your door, the springs lengthen and counterbalance the force to hold the door. The more force that your hand or motor applies, the more that your extension springs will expand. Pair all extension springs with safety cables. Safety cables keep the extension springs from becoming a projectile in the event of equipment failure. This failure can cause grave injury. Unfortunately, extension springs can detach whether your garage door is closed, open, or in operation. That’s why it’s so crucial that you let the professionals handle problems with your garage doors in Las Vegas. They can properly install the safety cables on your doors.

Are Extension or Torsion Springs Best for My Garage?

Extension springs are more inexpensive than torsion springs. However, because the parts in extension spring doors are more exposed, this could lead to more dangerous situations. Torsion springs can hold more weight and can last longer.

Torsion doors give you a greater level of balance, which makes it easier to open and close your door. There are also fewer exposed parts. As a result, torsion doors cost more than the extension variety.

Both types of door use an extreme level of tension. Therefore, they can cause injury or even death in some circumstances. To limit the danger, call door repair professionals to assess the problems.