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Is your garage door half-opening or half-closing, or showing signs of a jammed system or failing motor unit? It may be time for garage door motor repair. Call Precision Door Service of Las Vegas toll-free at 866-265-4824 for help, today!

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Precision Will Fix or Replace Your Garage Door Motor

A garage door motor problem can happen at any time. Like with any other garage door issue, it seems to happen at the least convenient time. You’re leaving for work or arrive home late. Has your garage door opener failed? How will I get help at this hour? These are common questions, but Precision Door Service is available 24/7 and offers same-day service. If you’re in Las Vegas, Summerlin, Sun City, Henderson, or Boulder City, we can reach you quickly, repair damaged motors, and replace your device if necessary.

What Are Garage Door Motors?

A motor is a mechanical system that converts electricity into motion. An electric motor generates motion from the interaction between a magnetic field and electric current inside it; this motion provides the force to drive the garage door opener. Motors can be powered by alternating current from the power grid or direct current from batteries.

The typical motor contains a moving rotor, which drives a shaft. It also contains bearings, a stator, windings, and a commutator. Any of these parts can exhibit the effects of wear and tear. A defect or failure involving any part of a motor can cause your garage door to malfunction. Motors must deliver enough energy to operate a chain drive, belt drive, screw drive, direct drive, or jackshaft drive garage door opener.

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Spotting Faulty or Damaged Motors

Signs of a faulty garage door motor can mimic garage door opener or even remote control problems. Wear and tear may be the cause or a door alignment issue may have strained the motor to the brink of failure. You might consider contacting our garage door motor repair professionals if:

  • The garage door won’t open or close: If the door doesn’t respond to your commands, you might try to reset the frequency on your remote. However, you might hear the motor operating, but the door won’t budge; if a technician finds nothing else wrong with the opener, they may be able to replace the motor.
  • The motor is noisy: You may hear more noise than usual from your typically ultra-quiet opener, which may be coming from within the motor assembly. If clanking, creaking, and squeaking sounds become more audible each time you open or close the door, or there are unusual motor sounds when the door won’t work, call a technician.
  • The door is sluggish: Garage doors are tuned to move at certain speeds to ensure safety and prevent damage. Slow movement can mean many things. If your garage door is slowing down or only half-opening, the motor might not be providing enough energy to lift the weight of the door.
  • The garage door opener is less reliable: An aging motor or one that’s underpowered may cause the opener to overheat. Your garage door may then start to work intermittently, meaning you must wait a while for it to function again. This can affect your ability to stick to your schedule.
  • The motor is beyond its expected operating life: An older motor, or even older technology, may not support the requirements for operating your garage door. Newer materials and designs allow a garage door motor to run more reliably and efficiently, not to mention quietly and with better safety and security.

Garage Door Motor Repair and Replacement

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At Precision Door Service of Las Vegas, we repair and replace all brands of garage door motors. That includes those built into Chamberlain, Craftsman, Marantec, Genie, LiftMaster, our own PDS line of garage door openers, and others. Get in touch as soon as you notice the performance of your garage door change.

Our repair technicians have received the most extensive training in the industry. You can call any time, day or night, and we’ll send someone to your home. The technician will inspect your garage door system to determine the exact problem. If it is the garage door motor, they can perform tests to decide whether it can be repaired or must be replaced. You will always receive a friendly, accurate quote prior to the start of any repairs.

If need be, we can:

  • Clean the motor mechanism of dirt and grime
  • Reconnect or replace loose wires
  • Replace worn or damaged components
  • Perform a realignment of moving parts, including the shaft and bearings
  • Lubricate parts to minimize friction and wear
  • Replace the motor assembly
  • Test the motor to verify proper function

We’ll also inspect the entire system if your garage door is sluggish, half closing, or not responding. If necessary, our technicians can address issues with the remote control or photoelectric eyes. These and other problems can impact garage door performance, whether there is a motor problem or not.

Contact Precision Garage Door of Las Vegas

Call Precision Door Service of Las Vegas at 866-265-4824 to speak to a live operator 24/7 and receive a free in-home estimate. Our technicians are experienced at performing garage door motor repair, regardless of the brand and scope of the problem. Same-day service is available even if your garage door motor needs to be replaced. We can respond within two hours in a fully stocked truck, so we can address the problem right away.

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