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Glass garage doors are the leading garage door choice for modern homes. Glass panel garage doors lend a contemporary aesthetic to any home and increases curb appeal. For nearly twenty years, Precision Garage Door Las Vegas has been providing homeowners with the very best glass garage door installation, replacement and repair services

Glass garage doors have grown in popularity, mostly because they look great. But when you consider how durable they actually are, the benefits become both functional and cosmetic. Precision Garage Door Las Vegas works with only the very best in glass garage door manufacturers, to ensure that your clients are getting top-of-the-line materials. We offer the latest in glass garage door designs, custom glass garage door installation, and cutting-edge garage door technologies.  

If your existing garage door is looking drab, or simply isn’t working properly due to old age and wear and tear, consider replacing it with a glass garage door. Glass garage doors can add an extraordinary amount of value to your property and offer natural light to otherwise dark and gloomy garages. All glass garage door panels are made from tempered materials, are insulated, and come in a variety of tints and colors. 

Call Precision Garage Door Las Vegas today and ask about the wide range of glass garage door options. We can send an experienced technician over immediately to assess your needs and set you up with a garage door that will compliment your home, lifestyle and budget.

Brands We Carry

  • Alumadoor – Precision Garage Door Las Vegas is proud to carry such a world-class brand like Alumadoor. Alumadoor is one of the leading manufacturers of glass garage doors. Give your home architecturally superior curb appeal. We have standard glass garage door sizes available immediately, but also offer custom design to suit any size home or business. 

Xalumadoor Alara Style Full View

  • Amarr – Vista – Available in a variety of glass options and frame colors, Amarr Vista glass garage doors give any home an open, bright, and contemporary look. Amarr Vista’s masterfully designed and crafted glass garage doors are a welcomed addition to any property. Ask our sales agent about getting a complete list of options.
  • C.H.I. Overhead Garage Doors – With one of the widest selections of both glass garage doors and traditional garage doors, C.H.I. Overhead Doors offers more than just quality garage doors. They put added effort and focus into choosing the most sought after finishes and glass panels for their garage doors. You’ll know you’re getting the best when you choose C.H.I. Overhead Doors.

Services We Offer

  • Installation and Whole Door Replacement – It takes an experienced technician to install and replace glass garage doors. Glass garage doors are sturdy and built to last, but they need to be installed properly to avoid future problems. Whether your existing garage door has been compromised due to wear and tear, or you just want to update the exterior of your home, Precision Garage Door Las Vegas can be there in an instant to install or replace your old garage door.  
  • Glass Garage Door Panel Replacement – What happens if a glass panel in your garage door becomes broken, cracked or altogether falls out? Precision Garage Door Las Vegas is up-to-date on the newest selection of glass panels on the market today and specializes in glass garage door panel replacement. We can be there in under 2 hours to replace any faulty paneling on your garage door. 
  • Glass Garage Door Repair – If your glass garage door starts acting strangely, like making noises or isn’t going up and down with ease, it may be time to call a professional. Don’t make the mistake of waiting until the problem becomes more serious. Contact a licensed technician from Precision Garage Door Las Vegas right away so we can get your glass garage door back in working order.

Benefits of Glass Garage Doors

  • Boost Your Curb Appeal – Increasing curb appeal tops the list as one of the biggest reasons to install a glass garage door. But that isn’t just for homeowners that are looking to up their resale value. Glass garage doors can transform the forefront of your home or business and create an awe-inspiring appearance that is valuable to any property owner. Garage Doors are one of the top 5 investments for increasing resale value, fetching upwards of a 90% return on investment. When you consider that a garage door is the second largest feature on any home, it is easy to see why it is a purchase worth making. 
  • Let in Natural Light – Forget the swinging lone bulb in the center of your garage, or straining to find the lightswitch in the dark. With glass garage doors, you have the benefit of natural light. This way you can work in your garage during the day without being exposed to the elements. Glass door paneling is insulated, keeping the sunlight in, while shielding you from the cold air and inclimate weather. Add some light to your living situation and choose glass garage door installation as your next home improvement investment. 
  • Strength & Durability – When you think ‘glass’, one tends to assume it’s fragile. Well, that isn’t the case with glass garage door panels. Today’s glass garage door panels are made to be super durable and stand up to strong winds and flying debris. The materials being used ensure that each panel is insulated and is made from tempered glass. When it comes to the frame, those are built to last too. Typically, glass garage doors are crafted with a metal frame. This reinforces strength and durability that can last for years to come.
  • Maintenance – Glass garage doors are a breeze to maintain. With traditional garage doors there is a need to pressure wash, and in some instances, even repaint or refinish the existing garage door. Not the case with glass garage doors. It’s as simple as grabbing some glass cleaner and a soft cloth and polishing them up every couple of weeks. You still need to maintain the springs, rollers and tracks, but the upkeep on the exterior is a breeze compared to traditional garage doors.

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