6 Warning Signs of Broken Garage Door Springs


Like most Las Vegas homeowners, you might use your garage door up to several times a day. Regular use leads to normal wear and tear. A common cause of decreased performance is worn garage door springs. This is a major safety hazard. Broken garage door springs can cause a great deal of damage and even injury. Here are six warning signs of a problem that requires professional garage door repair service.

1. Gaps in the Garage Door Spring

A gap is often visible when a torsion garage door spring snaps. This gap can be several inches wide. There are usually one or two tightly wound springs; when broken, a torsion spring tends to unwind. If you see this, call a Las Vegas garage door spring repair service professional right away; attempting a DIY fix can lead to more damage.

2. Garage Door Opens Crookedly

If the garage door is crooked when you open it, an extension spring may be damaged or broken. The door may even appear to be off the track. In most cases, there are extension springs on either side of the door, perpendicular to the torsion springs. When one breaks, one side of the door can’t move while the other side continues to be pulled upward. Sometimes, rather than opening crookedly, the garage door may be jerky when opening or closing.

3. Garage Door Closes Too Fast

A broken spring will cause the door to be unbalanced. With its weight not supported, the door can close more quickly than usual, or it may fall to the ground. This can cause major damage to the garage door as well as any vehicle or object that may be underneath it.

4. Loud Noise and/or Excessive Noise

Loud noise is common when a torsion spring breaks. The spring unwinds very quickly when it fails, causing a snapping sound that is like a loud bang. It’s often difficult to open the garage door afterwards. Also be aware of excessive noise, such as loud squeaking, which can indicate a garage door spring has broken or is about to fail.

5. Loose Garage Door Cables

Loose or slack cables often mean there’s a problem with the spring. While a tightly wound torsion spring will keep the cable in place, such is not the case when the spring breaks or unwinds. There is nothing to hold the cable tight. A loose cable is therefore a sign you need tension or torsion spring repair right away.

6. Springs Appear Rusty or Stretched

A failed spring may not have a wide gap most people associate this kind of problem with. Rusty garage door springs may be in poor shape and affect garage door operation. Stretched springs need to be replaced as well. If it is stretched, a garage door spring may look like it hasn’t fully coiled back up after use, making it less efficient and prone to causing problems. It’s best to call a service professional as soon as possible to replace the bad spring.

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