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Welcome to Precision Overhead Garage Door servicing Whitney, NV! We are a full-service garage door repair and garage door installation service company proudly serving Whitney, NV. We can also provide new garage doors and garage door openers, if your specific need warrants it. Best of all, we offer same day and 24-hour emergency services, with no overtime fees. Our certified technicians can arrive to your location within 2 hours of your call and with a fully-stocked truck.

Broken Garage Door Springs

Most garage door springs are rated for 10,000 cycles that with normal usage will last you 4 to 5 years. Anything past this, the spring will break and your garage door won’t be able to open or close. The only cure for a broken spring is to replace it. When one spring breaks, it is normally just a matter of time, before the other one follows suit. For this reason, we always recommend replacing both springs at once. Once replaced, we re-balance the door so that it will work properly. Note of Caution: Because your garage door’s springs are under intense tension; it is imperative you do not attempt to replace your springs on your own, as they are under extreme tension and therefore pose a hazard to your safety.

Off Track Garage Doors

If your garage door has fallen off its tracks, you should never operate it or attempt to fix it; it requires professional repair. Your garage door may have jammed in a partially open/closed position or it may be hanging a little too much to one side or the other. No matter the reason, leave it alone and call us for prompt repair. We will efficiently inspect, readjust and clean the tracks. If damaged we will replace them with the highest-quality. Note of Caution: Due to the extensive bulk and weight of your garage door, anytime your garage doors are off their tracks, you should never attempt to right them. If the door slips from the other track or cable it spells disaster.

Prompt Attention

Precision Overhead Garage Door Service is available 24/7, 365 days a year for service and repair of all your garage door needs in Whitney, NV. Contact us anytime, night or day, for prompt attention. We can help you with:
  • Repair/Replace Garage Door Openers
  • Replace Garage Door Springs
  • Cable Repair
  • Track Repair
  • Replace Sections
  • 25pt Inspections

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