Tips for Keeping Your Garage Cool and Comfortable

Many homeowners use their garages for activities like home improvement projects or home gyms. However, when the garage’s interior becomes uncomfortably hot, the space can become an underutilized storage area rather than where you want to spend time. Here are some tips on how to cool a garage and make it a livable space:

  1. Open the garage door: The easiest way to cool a garage is by opening the door. A cross breeze can be created by opening windows in addition to the door, which will replace hot and stuffy air with fresh, cool air. Remember to stay nearby when the door and windows are open.
  2. Declutter your garage: The items stored in your garage can affect the temperature. Heat can be retained, and airflow is prevented by a garage full of boxes and other things. Decluttering can help create airflow space, which can cool the garage. Consider installing shelves and overhead storage to keep the floor clear.
  3. Install a ceiling fan: An industrial-strength fan is a cost-effective and straightforward solution to help move air around the room. If you can’t install a ceiling fan, use a portable air conditioner, oscillating fan, or window fan. A dehumidifier can also help to reduce humidity and make the space more comfortable.
  4. Utilize and improve insulation: Properly installed insulation will prevent heat from building up and keep cool air from escaping. Check the insulation in exterior walls, and use blow insulation to fill in gaps if drywall is in place. Replace your garage door with an insulated one and use weather stripping or caulk to seal any cracks.
  5. Park vehicles outside: Parking a hot car in the garage can contribute to the garage’s heat level. Please wait until the vehicle has cooled down before parking it in the garage.

Following these tips, you can make your garage a comfortable and functional space again. Precision Overhead Garage Door Service can provide high-quality customer service and offer various residential garage door services, including installation and repairs. Contact us today to learn more.