Achieving a more functional garage may be easier than you think; here are a few garage ideas to turn this wasted space into a hidden gem. Most people see their garage as a simple place to store their car, tools, or outdoor gear. But even a small garage has much more potential than that. With a little creativity, a garage can be as functional and comfortable as any room in your home.

7 Easy Garage Ideas

1. Heating Your Garage

Due to their lack of insulation and ventilation, garages are inherently more susceptible to changes in outdoor temperature. If you have a smaller garage, a space heater can easily warm things up in the winter. However, larger spaces are better served by gas-powered forced hot air units or by extending your HVAC system into the garage (which requires the help of a professional). An individual air conditioning unit, which is easier to install, will usually suffice for the summer months.

2. Arrange Your Garage Into Zones

Here’s a great garage idea for the organizer in your life,  separating spaces for your car, workshop, personal equipment. You can even add partitions if you’re handy. Each zone can then essentially be its own ‘room’ within the garage space. And if there’s room left over, you can set aside a workout area where you can store all your gear and equipment and get in your workout without interrupting other family members or occupants.

3. Insulating Your Garage

While insulating garage doors is a modern amenity, you don’t have to invest in a new door if your existing one is still in decent shape. Instead, you can roll in insulation if your garage has exposed beams. Additionally, if the room is already finished, you can have spray insulation installed by a contractor. In general, it is not difficult to insulate garages and it can have a profound effect on comfort and energy efficiency.

4. Adding Plumbing

Adding plumbing is an excellent garage idea to add function to your garage. If you have an auto or wood workshop, a slop sink is a can certainly come in handy. On the other hand, setting up a living space with a half-bath can make your garage much more accommodating to guests. Additionally, adding a wet bar to your man cave is a sure-to-please garage idea. Most garages have a water line that you can tap into, making this idea a realistic option.

5. Upgrade your Garage with Wi-Fi

If you use the garage as an office and/or want to connect your smart devices, a Wi-Fi connection is critical. Depending on your system, there may be a strong enough signal in the garage. If not, you can install a Wi-Fi hotspot or signal booster to get the connection that you need.

6. Move the Storage Outside

The best way to free up the garage is to move the lawnmower, power tools, and other supplies outside. Outdoor storage cabinets are available at most home improvement stores and are protected against all kinds of weather. You’d be surprised at how much space you can free up for other items and purposes when you rethink storage.

7. Setup Walls for Storage

Are there boxes, tools, and other items you don’t want to move outside? Then you can make use of wall space with hooks, brackets, wire shelves, and even pegboards. Storage containers aren’t efficient when it comes to managing floor space. If the walls don’t fit all your stuff, you can add ceiling storage racks for holiday decorations, sporting goods, or camping equipment. A tool tower is another novel idea that can help.

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