new garage doors

Investing in a new garage door is a big decision. But when repair costs add up, there’s no guarantee how much longer the door will last, and when your old system is unsafe or inefficient, it’s time for a replacement. Homeowners often balk at the idea of replacing a garage door. But doing so can be cost-effective in several ways.

  1. Appearance Impacts Value

A worn-out garage door and/or one with mechanical and safety issues can reduce your property’s value. You can get a decent return on investment upon resale if you’re selling your home. You can also match its architectural style with the options that door manufacturers offer. According to Remodeling Magazine, garage door replacement recoups the most cost of any home improvement (on average, 98.3% nationally as of 2018).1

  1. Energy Efficiency

An older garage door may not only be using more energy. It could be letting in outdoor air, causing your HVAC system to work harder, which drives up utility costs. Modern garage doors are often made of high-quality materials and are sealed against air leakage (a common focus of garage door reviews). You can even choose a model with an R-value suited for your climate, while weatherstripping also improves energy efficiency. In fact, you can continue to save energy, and money, long after installation.

  1. Safety

New garage doors come with photo-eye sensors that sense objects in the way of the door. If a ball, car, child, or pet are in the path, the auto-reverse feature will activate to prevent damage or injuries. A replacement will also protect against theft as it’s much easier to break into older garage doors. Modern technology is a benefit as well since Wi-Fi-enabled garage doors can send real-time alerts to your phone whether someone accidentally left the door open or there is a potential break-in.

  1. Insulation Helps Control Garage Temperature

Insulation is one of the perks mentioned earlier. In addition to improving energy efficiency, it can also make your garage a more comfortable place to be. Keeping outside air out and preventing indoor air from escaping can mean your garage is several degrees cooler in summer and warmer in winter. It’s then possible to spend more time in your workshop or convert your garage to a living space to accommodate a wide range of needs.

  1. Reduced Maintenance

An older garage door requires more upkeep and sometimes repairs every few months. Exposure to the elements over time may mean you need to paint it each year. Worn nuts and bolts, damaged mounts, and broken garage door springs add up and lead to other issues caused by uneven movement and vibration. Once your garage door is replaced, less time and effort will be required to maintain it, and this should be the case for many years.

  1. Warranties

New garage doors are typically warrantied for several years after installation. Any repair service you possibly need is carried out by experienced professionals. The warranty should cover defects on all parts in the system. For example, Precision Door Service of Las Vegas covers all parts it supplies and installs for up to 10 years or until your home is sold.

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