Garages are experiencing somewhat of a growth spurt. You may not consider the garage to be an essential part of most homes, but it seems homeowners are starting to cozy up to the idea that a garage can be used for much more than just storage or a parking space.ย 


One would think that with the rise of rideshare companies like Lyft and Uber it would discourage new car sales and impact the need for a larger garage. But in reality, it hasnโ€™t slowed Americanโ€™s need for wanting more expansive garages.ย 

As of 2020, even though most households still only own two cars, the demand for three-car garages skyrocketed. In fact, statistics show a whopping 92% of new home buyers want either a two-car or three-car garage.ย 

Along with the trend of wanting larger garages, also came the need for scratch and stain-resistant floor coatings and high-quality garage doors. Modernizing your garage to be a functional workspace with creature comforts is not all that uncommon these days. It is said that over half of Americans spend 1-2 hours a week in their garage enjoying hobbies or other activities.ย 

Maybe the way we view the garage is evolving. Did you know that both Apple and Google were started in garages? Talk about a great use of space. Anyhow, whether you are using your garage for traditional reasons or utilizing the extra square footage to launch the next Fortune 500 company, it is clear that society is reimagining how a garage is supposed to look and feel.ย 

Ensuring that your garage is properly insulated and sealed is an important factor, especially if you plan on spending extra time there. Having a quality garage door can improve security, functionality and can help with climate control.ย 

If you plan on updating or expanding your current garage, or are simply looking to replace your existing garage door, here are some of the best garage door manufacturers that you may want to consider.ย 

Best Garage Door Manufacturers

Brace yourself! There are a dizzying amount of options out there today. From custom sizing to a wide array of colors, materials, and features, it will likely take some research before deciding on what garage door manufacturer to settle upon.ย 

Take into consideration the design and exterior of your property and go from there. Here are some brief descriptions of top garage door manufacturers that are responsible for revolutionizing the garage door industry.ย 

  • Clopay Garage DoorsClopay has been crafting garage doors since 1964 and has had great success. Clopay is the largest residential garage door manufacturer in North America, but also offers commercial garage door installation as well. In addition to garage doors, Clopay offers a wide variety of high-quality front doors. Having your garage door and entrance complement one another can create an updated and uniformed appearance, while enhancing curb appeal and adding value to your home. Clopay products come with a 1-year warranty as well. Start browsing Clopay garage door collections right now.ย 
  • Wayne Dalton Garage DoorsFounded in 1954, Wayne Dalton is one of the leading garage door manufacturers that has earned a stellar reputation for making sturdy products that are built to last. Their customer service is said to be top-notch and their products can be found throughout the US, Canada, and abroad. Wayne Dalton strongly enforces a Supply Chain Ethics Policy to maintain a high standard of ethical behavior on the factory floor all the way to the corporate level. Not only does this manufacturer offer a wide selection of residential garage doors, but they also have a complete line of doors for commercial and industrial uses. Choose from Carriage House Steel, Contemporary Aluminum, Custom Wood or high-quality designer Fiberglass, Wayne Dalton boasts one of the most diverse residential garage door selections in the industry.
  • Amarr Garage DoorsFamous for their wide variety of glass garage door options and frame colors, Amarr garage doors have been manufacturing quality garage doors since 1951. Amarr is part of a larger entity called โ€˜Entrematicโ€™ that is a leading entrance automation company with nearly 200 years of combined experience. Amarr garage doors and products are known for their superior ratings and rave reviews. Insulation is a strong suit when choosing Amarr. They make garage doors to fit every size structure and budget.ย 

Choosing the Right Garage Door for Your Homeย 

Appearance isnโ€™t the most important factor when youโ€™re deciding on a new garage door, but it is an obvious one. Youโ€™ll want to consider how secure a garage door is, if it is properly insulated and airtight, and if the materials complement the rest of your home or commercial property.ย 

Many garage door installation companies offer interactive design sizing tools that allow you to mix and match different materials, styles, colors and sizes to get an idea of what your ideal garage door setup would look like. Precision Garage Door is no different. Take advantage of our interactive Garage Door Designer to realize the infinite possibilities.ย 

Precision Garage Door Las Vegas offers superior garage door installation and repair services, as well as garage door maintenance services. Feel free to visit our website to see a full list of garage door manufacturers and services.ย 

For assistance contact Precision Garage Door Las Vegas directly at 877-301-7474. Our garage door installation experts can answer all of your questions or schedule a free in-home estimate.

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