Today’s garages are most often attached to houses. In the early days of cars, vehicles were parked out in the open or in separate carriage houses. Attached garages became popular in the late 1940s and became more prevalent ever since.


About 80% of homes had attached garages by the 2000s.

However, many homeowners are starting to realize that detached garages have advantages. With many people converting attached garages into living space, building new houses, or rebuilding their old garages, they may realize a few useful benefits, such as:

1. More Design Options

A detached garage tends to fit in well with older homes. It also provides an alternative to the garage dominating your house’s façade, especially if you have a smaller home. Design choices include setting the garage at an angle to the house, hiding it in the backyard, and setting it back from the house. You can even add living space above a detached garage.

2. A Chance to Get Fresh Air

Walking to and from your home to the garage gives you a chance to take a walk. If the weather is pleasant, then you can enjoy a fresh breeze or admire a landscaped path. Building a detached garage gives you the opportunity to focus on landscaping, which can earn you points for green environmental building practices.

3. Easier to Customize

You can design a detached garage in any way you like. It can provide additional living space on your property, or you can add guest rooms, a workshop, office, or area to entertain guests. A detached garage is a convenient alternative to using limited front or backyard space.

4. Your House Is Safer

People often use the garage to store paint, weed and insect killers, and other chemical-based products. But these can sometimes emit dangerous fumes. The risk is even higher if you store them incorrectly. Detached garages protect you from vehicle emissions as well, reducing the risk of hazards such as carbon monoxide exposure.

5. Limited Access to Your Home

Attached garages are potential break-in points. An intruder can access your home through a garage window or through an unlocked door between your garage and house. With a detached garage, access to your home is limited to regular doors and windows. Forgetting to lock your garage door won’t put your home security at risk.

6. Privacy

If your garage is more than somewhere to store cars and tools, a detached unit can offer a private area for DIY construction projects, hanging out, or playing musical instruments. It enables you to have extra privacy, as family members can’t walk from another room into the garage space.

7. Less Noise

Isolating the garage from the rest of your house prevents noise from cars, power tools, and instruments from reaching other rooms. It’s quieter in the detached garage as well. You can, therefore, use it as a getaway from activities at home and be free of noises and distractions while enjoying your solitude.

Should Your Garage Be Attached or Detached?

Overall, neither an attached or detached garage is better or worse. The answer to the question depends on what works better for you. To decide, consider what aspects most benefit you. No matter which option you choose, you’re goin/ang to need a reliable, safe, and efficient garage door, which Precision Garage Doors of Las Vegas can help with. Call 702-553-4621 or chat with us online to learn more about how we can help.

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