Your garage door is the largest moving part in your home and perhaps works harder than any object or appliance that you own. To maximize your safety, and provide you with some intriguing facts, here are garage door stats homeowners should know.


  1. The most common garage door injuries are caused by pinched or crushed section joints (59.5%), followed by falling doors (16.5%) and someone working on a door (12.7%).
  1. About 20,000 Americans suffer garage door related injuries every year. The weight of the garage door (itโ€™s the heaviest moving object in your home), springs, cables, and other attached hardware can seriously injure children and adults.
  2. On average, a garage door will open and close three to five times per day, or about 1,500 times per year. This puts a tremendous strain on a garage door opener over its expected 15-year lifespan.
  1. An Impulse Research Survey found 24% of garage owners are embarrassed when they leave their garage doors open. This percentage isnโ€™t only due to the fact leaving the door open invites danger, including burglaries, but also because of a lack of storage or organization in the garage space.
  1. If you have an attached garage, the garage door may take up as much as one-third of your homeโ€™s exterior.
  1. Electric garage door openers have been around for a long time. The first one appeared in 1926, invented by C.G. Johnson. However, they did not become popular until after World War II when Era Meter Company of Chicago launched one that could be operated with a switch from the garage or a keypad in the driveway.
  1. If youโ€™re looking for a sound return on investment, you can recoup 80% to 90% of the cost of a new garage door when you sell your home.
  1. By installing a new garage door, the value of your property can increase by up to 4%. If your home is worth $175,000, this means it can increase by $7,000.
  1. Modern garage doors can make your house more energy efficient. You can also save electricity with a new garage door opener. Modern openers use up to 75% less power than older systems.
  1. More than half of homeowners (55%) enter their home through their garage door after parking. Many consider it easier to get out of the car and go inside rather than walk around to the front door.

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