7 Easy Garage Organization Ideas


A lack of garage organization can drastically reduce your its’ usefulness. Besides, no one is proud of their garage if it’s a cluttered mess. But rather than neglecting your garage, there are easy organization ideas that will turn it into the functional space it can be.


When carefully planned, a garage organization project can be completed in a few days. Here are 7 ideas to start with, so you can maximize your garage’s utility relatively quickly:

7 Easy Garage Organization Ideas

1. Organize It Into Zones

Categorizing everything you store in the garage can help identify individual zones to divide your space into. Things you use less frequently should be further and higher up from the door, while items you use often should be stored at eye level so they’re easy to access. To achieve this, it helps to map out your garage for:

  • Sports Equipment: Sports gear is best stored on hanging rails, while plastic bins are best for accessories such as baseballs, pool supplies, and athletic clothing. Specialized hooks, racks, and hoists can be used for bikes.
  • Lawn/Garden Tools: Should be stored off the floor, using a storage rail or wall panel system. Shelves and cabinets will also do, while larger equipment, such as mowers, can be placed on the floor.
  • Household Items: Frequently used items can be stored on open wire shelves, at eye level. For stuff you don’t use often, use the highest and lowest areas of the garage. Ceiling storage is best for seasonal items.

2. Wall Storage

The clearest path to garage organization is to keep things off the floor and on the wall. Wall-mounted racks serve this purpose and can be used for bikes, skis, and other sporting equipment. Pegboards can be customized to create a layout of tools that works best for you. But a simple wall-mounted tool organizer can do depending on your needs. Other ideas include magnetic shelves for smaller items, and slat walls you can arrange hooks on and place items horizontally or vertically.

3. Overhead Storage

Attaching to the ceiling joists, overhead storage racks can hold clear plastic bins, so you can easily identify what’s inside. You can therefore know where infrequently used items are and gain access when you need them. Ceiling storage is also ideal for long flat items such as surfboards, skis, and ladders.

4. Mobile Storage

Rolling shelves afford flexibility, as the entire unit can be relocated as needed. You can continue to reorganize your garage or make additional room while keeping all the stored boxes, bins, and loose items where they are. There are even mobile storage units for garden items, which allow you to prepare potted plants and store tools, soil bags, or seeds in small shelves.

5. Open Shelving

Open shelving units are extremely versatile and easy to organize. You have a full view of your storage, while items are easier to keep track of and are accessible. Many solutions provide ample storage above for seasonal items. In addition to tiered storage, this type of organization helps to maximize use of your garage’s wall space.

6. Weather-tight Bins

If seasonal temperature and humidity where you live fluctuates dramatically, delicate items can be damaged if not stored properly. Weathertight bins can tolerate temperature extremes and provide a cool, dark place to store clothing, linens, and shoes. You can essentially create a new bedroom closet and not worry about items getting ruined.

7. Labels

Label every drawer, bin, or container so you can immediately identify what’s there. Many of the items you store in the garage aren’t used often or may be seasonal. It’s possible you won’t remember where you put something six months before! Labels can be created with a label maker or by writing the name on a paper strip you stick to a bin with clear tape.

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