How to Fix a Pitted Garage Floor

Fix Pitted Garage Floor


Even the smoothest of concrete surfaces can eventually succumb to wear. A pitted garage floor can yield more than a jagged appearance. If left alone, these small holes can grow in size and number. Fortunately, a concrete garage floor can be cleaned and resurfaced in a day; most of the time, it can even be a fun DIY project. In the end you can count on a smoother, more durable floor by taking the following steps.


Steps to Fixing a Pitted Garage Floor

1. Thoroughly Clean the Garage Floor

As mottled as the floor may look, your first step should be to clean it. Any refinishing solution requires a clean surface to bond to. If it’s dusty, moldy, or otherwise dirty, the finish won’t adhere. Apply the solution following the instructions provided by the manufacturer; let it sit and then power wash the floor with a pressure washer. Let the surface dry for at least 24 hours before proceeding with the next steps.

2. Check the Integrity of the Concrete

Remove any broken or loose concrete (using a hammer and chisel if necessary). Also, try tapping areas around damaged spots with the hammer, listening for hollow sounds that can indicate loose material. This indicates there is damage, so hit it harder with the hammer to expose it. Sweep the area clean and make sure all damaged areas are visible and ready to be fixed. Sometimes, this step requires professional work such as grinding or shot blasting.

3. Prep Your Garage Floor

Pitting on concrete garage floors usually doesn’t extend more than ½ inch deep. After removing any broken or loose concrete, remove any oil stains, sealers, wax, or any bond-breaking material. Fill any holes with a dab of caulking or foam backer rod (best for single pits).

Caulking or a crack sealer can be used to fill any cracks in the surface. Place tape on each side of a crack before inserting filler material, so excess doesn’t spread onto the rest of the floor, and use a putty knife or trowel to smooth it out. The tape can be removed when you complete this part.

4. Apply the Finish

Different floor solutions require different procedures. Some require a coat of primer before the main finish, while others require the floor to be pre-soaked with water first. Each product will come with instructions specific to its formulation. Mix the resurfacing solution and then pour it directly onto the concrete. If working in a small area, use a metal trowel, but for a larger floor, a floor squeegee is best. Make sure all pits are completely filled with multiple passes from different angles.

There are generally two types of repair products you can use:

  • Epoxy: An epoxy is best for minor pitting. Depending on the size of the area, you can use a 2-part epoxy or a 100% epoxy concrete patch. An epoxy patch with sand aggregate that acts as a filler is better for larger areas. Use pressure when troweling because it forces the material into pits and crevasses while pushing out trapped air. Then use a cement float to smooth out the mix, and leave it to cure before painting or applying a final finish.
  • Polymer-Modified Cement: A mixture of Portland cement, polymers, and sand aggregate, this product just needs water and you can apply the mix to patch concrete or resurface your garage floor. Polymer-modified cements adhere well and can be mixed thicker or thinner depending on the type of damage. Some manufacturers have products for deeper pitting and may need a priming liquid for preparation.

5. Finish the Job

After applying the material, check the surface often as concrete tends to shrink during the curing and drying process. A metal trowel or squeegee helps smooth out the floor. For non-slip floors, use a broom and pull it across the surface, gently, before the surface is dry. The indented lines will add some roughness, so the floor is less slippery. Epoxy paints or other finishes can be added on top of the underlying epoxy.

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