How to Get Rid of Garage Door Rust

Rusted Garage Door

Unless the warranty prohibits you from doing so, you can remove garage door rust yourself. Rust makes a shiny metal garage door look old and worn. It also eats away at metal, eventually compromising structural integrity if not dealt with properly. Removing rust can both improve curb appeal and extend the life of your garage door. Here are a few simple garage door maintenance steps to restoring your garage door without investing in repairs or a replacement.

Remove Garage Door Rust in 5 Easy Steps

1. Wash Down the Door

Make sure the garage door is completely closed. Then fill a bucket with warm water mixed with dish soap. Use a large sponge or rag to clean off any dirt or debris stuck to the door. Pollen, dust, dander, and other materials that have accumulated should be removed before you proceed.

2. Wipe Down Rusted Areas with Vinegar

Soak another cloth in white vinegar. As you wipe the vinegar-soaked cloth on the rust, it should start to dissolve as the vinegar reacts with it. You can then scrub off the rust with a steel-wool pad. Make sure there is no rust left behind. Any traces of it can continue to oxidize and the rust will once again start to spread. To be as thorough as possible, alternate scrubbing with the wool pad and wiping with the rag.

3. Repair the Damaged Areas

Using an auto body filler or metal bonding agent, fill any holes that are left behind from the garage door rust. The filler should dry in 20 to 30 minutes. You can then use fine-grit sandpaper, starting with the affected area and then sanding the entire door. Use a brush or dry cloth to wipe off any dust.

4. Wash the Door Thoroughly

Before you paint the door, you want to make sure it’s completely clean. Paint won’t stick to dirt, debris, or grease. Warm water and dish soap will get the door clean, but you can add trisodium phosphate to the water as an alternative. The product label will tell you the proper ratio. Wipe down the door with a rag and then do a final rinse with a hose. Let the garage door dry completely before starting to paint it.

Tip: To prevent future rusting, apply zinc chromate or other primer corrosion inhibitor.

5. Apply a Coating of Paint

Use a primer and paint for metal garage doors that is rust resistant. Certain manufacturers, models, and brands of garage doors may suggest specific types of paints to use. When painting the door, use a paint sprayer instead of paintbrushes and rollers that can leave behind drips. However, if you’re only painting areas where you removed rust, use a paintbrush. The entire door will then need a finishing coat. In any case, you’ll probably need two coats; the previous coat of primer or paint should be completely dry before going over it again.

Tip: Only touching up affected spots can cause flashing, in which the fresh paint will stand out from the rest of the surface. And, only paint a garage door when it’s warm and dry outside.

Contact Precision Door Service of Las Vegas

Many garage door warranties cover rust removal and repair. If that’s the case, then an accredited company can do the work for you and ensure professional results. Extensively rusted garage doors are often better off replaced, especially older models. At Precision Door Service of Las Vegas, our technicians can inspect your door and determine the best solution, whether it involves removing the garage door rust or installing a newer, more secure and energy efficient model for your home. Call 702-637-2700 to schedule an appointment.