A screw drive garage door opener is one of the options available if you are replacing your old system. It is not the most common type used in homes. Nonetheless, it is quite powerful and suited for larger, heavier garage doors.

Other garage door openers use chains or belts. This type features a threaded stall rod, which is shaped like a screw that is rotated by a motor. The mechanism moves the trolley that opens and closes your garage door. A screw drive opener differs from chain- or belt-driven models in that there is no pulley. It’s therefore much quieter during operation, so you avoid disturbing occupants of your home who may be sleeping. If the system gets noisy, the screw mechanism can be lubricated with machine oil.

While chains and belts eventually need to be replaced, screw drive systems experience less wear over time. They can last longer, meaning you can put off spending on major repairs and replacements. The latest safety features are included as well, such as photo-electric sensors and security encryption that creates a new access code every time the garage door is used.

Are Screw Drives More Reliable than other Garage Door Openers?

Fewer moving parts means it’s less likely for something to break. You’ll spend less on maintaining and repairing pulleys, gears, belts, or chains, and the system runs much more smoothly on the tracks. It is less likely to jerk and stop along the track, and there’s little risk of damage to the door when the opener is running. The mechanism moves in response to the turning of the metal rod, which is where all the energy used is focused, rather than for powering various other moving components.

Screw drive garage door openers therefore use less energy while generating more power. Another advantage is speed. Screw type openers can run at seven to ten inches per second, while most other garage door openers move at as little as five inches per second.

What Kinds of Features Come with Screw Drive Garage Door Openers?

The latest features available with other systems can be found in screw drive openers. You can therefore install one with a Wi-Fi connection, which allows control over your garage door with a smartphone app. Monitor your garage door and control it from anywhere, grant access to other users, or shut it if you forgot to on your way out. Some systems come with LED garage lighting, keyless entry systems, battery-backup, and extra-powerful motors for more demanding applications.

Are There Any Disadvantages of Screw Drive Openers?

The only main disadvantage is the expense. Screw drive garage door openers are a little more expensive because they’re less popular and other types are cheaper to make. But if you have the budget and the need for power and speed, this is a worthwhile investment. Screw drive openers are made by some of the top brands, including Genie and LiftMaster.

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