Outdoor garage lights have many benefits. They can improve the look of your home, thereby adding curb appeal, and provide visibility, security, and safety. If you are looking to install exterior lighting, there are many decisions to consider, from the kind of light fixture to energy efficiency, to the range of features that are available. Below are some factors and tips to consider when choosing outdoor lighting to accompany your garage door.

Consider Garage Door Size

The requirements for a single-car garage door differ than, for example, a double door. For a smaller door, a single lantern-style light may do. You can place one between the house and garage or above the garage door, or install two smaller lights on either side of it (Side-mounted fixtures should measure one-quarter to one-third the height of the garage door opening). The general rule of thumb is to add one light per garage door. A medium flood light may do or, if your garage has eaves, you can install downlighting.

If you have a two-car or larger garage, installing lights on both sides and above it can maximize illumination and aesthetics. The most practical solution depends on your driveway as well. The setup should be arranged based on its length and width. Examine the driveway at all angles to determine how to illuminate the most space, and ensure that the lighting doesn’t affect your next-door neighbor.

Choose the Right Light Fixture

The type of fixture matters because you can match it with the design of your home or a particular architectural style. Certain fixtures are more suited for a modern home, while others blend in better with a contemporary or traditional style residence. Fixtures should also work aesthetically with the outdoor lighting already installed.

Additional considerations include:

  • The type of light bulb: The bulb should meet the wattage requirements for your home; outdoor fixtures are typically rated for 60 or 100 watts, and LED light bulbs can save energy and money. Avoid using spiral compact fluorescent bulbs as they’re not designed for outdoor use.
  • Solar-powered lighting: Solar lights charge in the sun during the day and require no electrical connection to operate all night long. You don’t need an electrical outlet or to run any wires; some solar lights turn on automatically when it gets dark outside.
  • Features: An even more functional garage door light can have motion detectors, which turn it on when you approach or if an uninvited guest is nearby, or timers. A timer provides automation to ensure your driveway is lit up when you want. Heat-sensing systems are also available. These extra features can save energy and add safety.

Get the Right Light Bulbs

As mentioned earlier, the light bulb you choose is very important. There are many types of outdoor light bulbs; to ensure you get the most of your garage lighting, follow the guidelines and recommendations from the manufacturer. Bulbs are different than fixture style in that they must meet functional specifications. In general, LED bulbs are more durable and long-lasting (they can last up to 100,000 hours). Consider not only lifespan but also wattage, efficiency, and weather resistance; an outdoor light bulb should tolerate moisture and temperature extremes.

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