Top 5 Reasons Why Your Garage Door Remote Is Not Working

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Finding that your garage door remote is not working is frustrating. However, garage remote control issues are common. The reasons range from low batteries to signal problems, to faults in your home’s electrical system. A malfunctioning garage door transmitter can be a major inconvenience. There are several reasons Las Vegas homeowners may find their remote doesn’t work; here are five common causes and potential solutions.

1. The Garage Door Remote Batteries are Low

Depleted batteries can cause your garage door remote to fail or run inconsistently. To generate the signal needed to raise or lower the door, the device must have power from its batteries, which typically last about two years. Use the wall mounted control panel to operate the door. If it opens and closes normally, then your garage door remote control likely has low or dead batteries. Replacing them should resolve the issue.

2. The Remote Signal Has Been Disrupted

If the remote doesn’t work with new batteries, there may be a signal disruption. This may be caused by the remote being out of range. Another common cause is damage to the garage door opener antenna. To troubleshoot the problem, make sure you’re standing within 20 feet of the garage door when using the remote. Check the antenna if trouble persists. If there’s dirt or debris on it, clean it off, and check that it’s pointed towards the door. A damaged/broken one should be repaired or replaced by a professional.

3. The Remote’s Lock Button is On

Check your garage door control panel’s lock button to see whether it was accidentally turned on. A light on the panel will flash twice to indicate the lock is active. This function prevents the logic board from accepting remote control signals. Pushing the lock button should turn it off so you can use the remote again.

4. The Remote May Need to Be Reprogrammed

Disruptions in communication between the remote and garage door opener can cause them to go out of sync. Reprogramming the garage door remote can resolve this issue. Instructions should be available in the remote’s user manual or on the manufacturer’s website. In general, you would reprogram a remote with these simple steps:

  • Press/hold the remote’s learn button
  • Within 30 seconds, hold the remote button
  • Wait three seconds or the opener’s lights blink or flash

If having difficulty programming the remote, press and hold the remote control button. Then enter a PIN on the keypad and hold the enter button. If the LED light near the learn button blinks, a signal is being sent; press and release the button to program the remote.

5. Electrical Issue with the Garage Door Control System

An electrical issue can cause your garage door remote to not respond. If the causes above don’t apply to your situation, there could be wiring issues or a problem with the receiver board. A damaged/tripped GFI/GFCI can cut power to your garage door to prevent electrical overloads or overheating. Resetting the GFCI should restore power; otherwise, contact a garage door technician for assistance.

Contact Precision Door Service of Las Vegas

If none of the above tips have resolved your problem, contact our Las Vegas garage door service company. A professional will inspect your garage door system for remote control or other potential problems. If necessary, we can provide garage door remote replacement or garage door repair. We’re also trusted throughout the valley for high-quality garage door installation, and continue to serve customers during the coronavirus pandemic with no-contact service, social distancing, sanitization, and use of masks/PPE. Call us at 702-637-2700 to schedule a visit.