Choosing a Contemporary Garage Door

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Garage doors with contemporary designs are common in the Las Vegas area. They complement modern architectural styles quite well. For most homes, the front of a house is consistent in terms of color and style. And since a garage door takes up so much surface area, it can provide a powerful accent.

What Does Contemporary Mean in Architecture?

Contemporary generally refers to an architectural style that appeared in the 1970s. It is defined by clean, simple lines, which can be straight or curvy; sometimes a stylistic approach can combine both. Contemporary garage doors are usually simple in texture with a flat panel design and are overall quite conservative. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be innovative and stand out.

What Does a Contemporary Garage Door Look Like?

There’s actually a good degree of variability with contemporary design. The term “contemporary” refers to the popular trends of a time, so it can be somewhat fluid. Here are some features of modern garage doors you might consider:

  • Color: Many garage doors feature black and white. These are neutral yet eye-catching colors and can create an appealing dimensional effect. Earth-like tones such as forest green or terracotta provide a muted yet appealing design scheme from a conservative approach.
  • Materials: Modern garage doors often have more than one material. Whether for aesthetics, practicality, or efficiency, a door may contain composite wood, aluminum, and fiberglass, not to mention a layer of insulating materials. Aluminum striping is now common as well. Combining materials can add strength and durability.
  • Windows: For the most part, windows (if used) are placed on the right or left side of the door, or across the top. A modern trend is to forgo symmetry and create a design with offset windows, while thin striped windows across a wood surface can add spunk. Built-in windows are cool, and they also allow natural light into your garage.
  • Industrial Design: Doors can feature metal frames with panes of fiberglass or other materials. This creates an industrial look that some homeowners prefer. If you want glass but to keep your privacy, reinforced/glazed glass is the way to go.
  • Shutter Paneled Garage Doors: An alternative to the typical flat appearance of garage doors, these used layered wood to create a closed shutter effect. The design of a modern house or cottage can be enhanced with this approach.

The Ultra-Modern Contemporary Door

Although horizontal lines are pretty much standard, there are many ways to make your contemporary garage door unique. Whether you decide to be creative with windows or tempered glass, mix steel and aluminum, or add a grainy wood-like texture to metal, a modern design can make your home stand out.

The options in today’s market make choosing a garage door a more personal experience. You can customize it in virtually any way you like. Make your garage door look like a wall or install one that makes your garage feel more like a living space. Digital connectivity is another aspect of modern garage doors. Many models connect to home automation systems or operate by using a smartphone app.

Shop for Contemporary Garage Doors Today

Precision Door Service of Las Vegas offers various styles of modern garage doors from leading brands, such as Amarr, Clopay, and C.H.I. If you’re looking for a contemporary door with unique features, let us help you choose one. We offer many options, plus services such as garage door repair and financing. Call us at 702-637-2700 to learn more.