Things to Avoid Storing in Your Garage


Three Things to Avoid Storing in Your Home

Homeowners often don’t realize what an asset the garage is in their home. Until you have one of your own, you don’t realize how much more of the stuff you have accumulated over the years you can store successfully. Besides the obvious function of storing your vehicles, you can store seasonal items and stuff you don’t use that you just can’t bring yourself to get rid of.

While the garage is a great resource for storage, things can get messy and even dangerous in a hurry if you aren’t careful. My friend is a home insurance agent and he has a litany of disaster stories when it comes to people’s garages and the attic above them. To avoid these types of situations, avoid storing the following items where you store your vehicle.

Canned Food

A lot of people think that storing their non-perishable food in the garage is a good idea. While this seems harmless, it can actually affect the food in a negative way. While this food is considered non-perishable, it still has a shelf life. That shelf life is much longer when the food is stored in a cool, dry place. Your garage can become the exact opposite of this during the summer months when the heat and humidity are extreme.

If you are just storing them for a short period of time, this may not be an issue. If long-term storage of non-perishable food is your goal, it is a much better idea to store the cans in a temperature-controlled area in your house like the pantry.

Propane Tanks

The general rule for propane tanks is that they should never enter any doorway in the home, including the garage door. Propane tanks are generally safe, but the results can be legitimately disastrous if your propane tank leaks. When propane leaks, it gets into the air as well, meaning that the simple lighting of a match or a cigarette could lead to a fire or an explosion. Compound this with the fact that there is a gas tank in your car in the area and you could have a major disaster on your hands. Always store propane on the exterior of your home.

Unused Furniture

For a short period of time, it may be okay, but you should never store furniture in your garage for an extended period of time. If it is wood, the constant change in weather patterns could lead to warping. Furniture with upholstery and cushions can become a nice home for pests in your area looking for a warm place to call home.

The most important step towards making sure your garage is a good option for storage is to ensure that it is secure and sealed. If your garage door has gaps between it and the floor when it is closed, contact a location for garage door repair Henderson has to offer. You may be surprised to find that many of the repairs you need are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.