How Garages Can Keep You Safe, Organized, and Creative


Garages: More Than Just for Cars

For some people, the garage is where real living takes place. More than just for cars — although it’s that, too — a garage plays a vital role in your family’s household management, offers a space for letting your creativity thrive, and even provides security.

Where Did the Holiday Ornaments Go?

Smaller houses are ideal for downsizers of all ages and situations, but there’s a lot to be said in praise of a big garage when you’re trying to find something. What happened to your child’s soccer trophy? Where did the needle-nose pliers go? A good organizational system in your garage is key. Whether you install wall or freestanding shelves, the garage is the place to do it. Imagine easily locating tools, memorabilia, photo albums, your lawn mower, emergency supplies, and yes, the holiday ornaments.

Sewing Room, Sawing Room

The versatility of a garage is an amazing asset. Once you’ve decided where your car will stay, the rest of the garage is the perfect space to get creative. Imagine being able to spread out your sewing project without competing with family dinner. The garage can become that oasis of creativity and experimentation where you can work on your brand-new jigsaw, your handy tinkering problem, or that magnificent Lego creation of the Death Star. Whatever it is, your garage makes a great craft room where no one cares if the place gets messy, and it won’t be a problem if you drop something.

Home Safe

Most of all, the garage is the first line of defense for your house and your family. Your valuables are precious to you, and your garage helps keep you, your family, and your belongings safe. Admit it — isn’t it satisfying to see that garage door come down like the iron gate on your family fortress? Obviously, it’s important to keep your garage maintained, especially the crucial garage door spring that’s responsible for helping raise and lower your garage door safely. Check at least a few times a year to make sure you don’t need a garage door spring repair to ensure that your home remains your well-guarded castle.