Smart Home Garage Door Options

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Home automation has revolutionized control over lighting, appliances, and climate control. Now, the smart garage is quickly becoming an essential part of the smart home. The functionality you’ll find brings a great deal of convenience. For instance, you’re halfway to work and realize you didn’t close the garage door. Just use your smartphone as a controller to restore your security.

What Does a Smart Garage Door Opener Do?

A smart garage door opener serves the same purpose as a traditional model. It lifts and lowers the door using a motor and trolley. You can still select from chain drive, belt drive, and screw drive models. The difference is the mechanical and electrical systems are interfaced with smart systems to:

  • Let you use a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile smart device to open and close your garage door. If you have an infrared-controlled system, some smartphones have built-in IR technology, or you can add a micro USB IR blaster.
  • Support Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to enable full control of your garage door opener using wireless communication. The latest versions are pre-configured to support these, but many traditional garage doors can be upgraded with a Wi-Fi controller.
  • Monitor the position of the door via sensors (the same used to improve safety) and relays this information via mobile notifications. A mobile app shows whether the door is open or closed, reminders and alerts if it’s open too long, or closes the door if necessary. Door status may even be recorded for later reference.

Features vary depending on the model and app. Some systems integrate voice control, scheduling, or geofencing, a service that responds when a mobile device is within a certain range. Others stream camera feeds and incorporate other security features, as garages are a common entry point for burglars.

How to Set Up a Garage Door Opener for a Smart Home

There are two options to install a smart garage door opener, including:

  • Installation of add-on controllers: These units are wired to the motor and a sensor or laser to measure and record door position. There are many choices in this area. These add-ons can work with many types of motors, but compatibility with your specific brand and model is essential.
  • Replacement units: Replacing all the traditional motorized hardware with a Wi-Fi compatible system is a more complex, expensive process. You’re essentially installing a brand new garage door opener system. This is more practical if replacing a broken or worn out unit.

Smart Home Garage Door Opener Options

  • Chamberlain/Liftmaster: Offers the myQ platform with standard smart garage door opener functions. You can set schedules and customize notifications. The controller, which includes an LED light and Key by Amazon integration (which allows Amazon packages to be safely delivered), is also compatible with other brands.
  • Tailwind: The Tailwind iQ3 includes geolocation technology to open and close your garage door automatically. An included adapter enables you to use Tailwind with any company’s garage door opener. Even use voice control courtesy of Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.
  • Genie Aladdin Connect: Controls up to three garage doors simultaneously. You can set how long the garage door stays open, schedule when users are allowed to open/close the door, and configure other features. Remote operation and push notifications are included as well.
  • Nexx Garage: Uses a wired open/close sensor that connects the control unit to the garage door. The Nexx Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Controller NXG-200 is available with a wired sensor too, and has built-in geofencing, carbon monoxide and temperature sensing, and a timer.
  • Garageio: A wired device that mounts via adhesive strips. It includes a wired sensor and activator that mount to the door and frame and is wired to the open and close command nodes on the opener. Remote access is provided via the Garageio app, which supports multiple users.

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