How Garage Door Apps Are Replacing Remote Garage Openers

Common garage repairs in Las Vegas often involve garage door openers and the remotes used to control them. Many homeowners have moved away from the traditional remote control unit and are using their smartphone instead. A number of manufacturers offer dedicated apps now, and there are mobile apps that can work with your equipment regardless of the brand, model or other characteristics.

Infrared Is an Option

Some homeowners believe that a phone-based solution isn’t an option because their garage door opener only supports infrared and not Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. But infrared actually isn’t a deal-breaker. In fact, many smartphones have infrared technology built in to control televisions and other home theater equipment. If yours doesn’t, you can add it with an IR blaster that connects via microUSB. Many even offer pass-through so that you can charge the phone without removing the attachment.

It’s Even Easier with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

Your options are broader if your opener supports Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth or some other wireless communication standard. Most smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices support all of these as well. If both devices support the same wireless communication protocol, the solution is as simple as finding an app that pairs them.

Proprietary and Universal Apps

If available, a proprietary app is generally preferable. After all, it is made specifically for that opener and will provide user interface elements for brand- and model-specific features. Nevertheless, universal apps generally work just as well and are often highly customizable.

Remote Communication Also an Option

Using your smartphone also gives you the option to close your garage door from afar. If you’re halfway down the street or already at work when you realize your mistake, not a problem. Such features are generally associated with smart openers, a smart home device. However, other options like the dedicated IR blaster can be connected to your LAN to control your garage door from anywhere.