Now that the decorations are safely stowed away and the in-laws are back in their cozy homes, it is time to honor your yearly home maintenance resolutions. Some people opt for cleaning out their closets, while others focus their attention on fine-tuning major home appliances and exterior features.ย 


Garage doors are the workhorses of the household. For being the largest appliance, garage doors are mostly overlooked. When you consider how much wear and tear these heavy-duty doors endure on a daily basis, itโ€™s easy to see why it is important to conduct a yearly check-up.ย 

Garage Door Maintenace Check Listย 

Letโ€™s face it. Home improvements and monthly upkeep isnโ€™t all that fun, but rather a labor of love. Whether you are transforming your garage into a man cave, or simply giving it a tune-up, Incorporating your garage door into an annual maintenance routine will keep it running smoothly into 2021.ย ย 

  • Improve Security – According to law enforcement, the garage is one of the most vulnerable entries in any household. Thieves can gain access to your garage in under six seconds. Whatโ€™s even more troubling is that most homeowners donโ€™t lock the interior door that leads to the garage. So if an intruder were to gain access to the garage, theyโ€™d also have access to your home, which is no good. To keep your belongings and family safe, there are both high-tech and old school solutions for burglar-proofing your garage. Try mounting cameras in the garage and syncing them with your smartphone. That way you can monitor the activity in your garage from anywhere in the world. You can also go the obvious route and lock your garage door from the inside at night. If your garage door didnโ€™t come with a latch that can be locked, you can drill a hole just above the rollers and secure it with a padlock.ย 
  • Tighten up the Hardware – On average, a garage door will open and close more than a thousand times in a year. In the midst of all this heavy lifting, the hardware can loosen and create real problems. To keep your garage door on track and operating smoothly, give your garage door a once over and tighten the roller brackets, nuts and bolts with a socket wrench. Be careful not to strip any of the hardware.ย 
  • Test the Garage Door Balance – Balancing your garage door is more important than one may think. If your garage door is off-balance, the opener will be forced to work overtime to compensate for the off-kilter garage door. Eventually, your garage door opener will buckle under the strain and youโ€™ll have to call a garage door technician to come in fix it. There is one way to check to see if your garage door is off balance? Try to manually lift the garage door up halfway. If it doesnโ€™t stay put, then the counterweight system is improperly balanced. Adjusting, calibrating and even possibly replacing garage door springs should be left up to a professional.ย 
  • Inspect and Replace the Rollers – Without rollers, your garage door would cease to function. No matter what material your garage door wheels are crafted from, they need to be checked on at least twice a year and replaced every eight years. This is something that most homeowners overlook. When you are inspecting your rollers, if you see any that are chipped or cracked, it is time to replace them.ย 
  • Replace the Weatherstripping – Every garage should have proper weatherstripping, regardless of where you live in the country. Quality garage weatherstripping will keep out the frigid air during the winter, and also helps sand, dust and other particles of debris from wafting in your garage. If you notice that your current weatherstripping is cracked or crumbling away, it is time to replace it. Weatherstripping can be purchased rather cheaply at your local hardware store and is easily installed. Measure the length you will need prior to going to the home improvement store. That way they can cut it to your exact specifications right there on the spot. Easy enough, right?ย ย 
  • Clean And/Or Update Your Garage Floor – An oil-stained garage floor is not a pleasant sight. If your garage doubles as a workplace or chill spot, youโ€™ll want to make sure the floor is looking good this year. Youโ€™ll be surprised to find out that you can give your garage floor a major facelift for under $20. There are special chemicals that can really give a polished look to the grossest of garage floors. This can be accomplished in less than three hours, and will surely make a lasting impression. Be sure to have all the tools you need to execute this task safely. You will need a stiff brush, towel, protective goggles and gloves before you begin.ย 
  • Pressure Wash Your Garage Door – This is fairly straightforward. Washing off all of 2019โ€™s dirt from your garage door will be gratifying. If you do not have a pressure washer gun, you can easily rent one for a day from any Home Depot or hardware store. Once youโ€™ve tackled the garage door, if time allows, you should pressure wash the driveway and walkway to your home as well.ย 

Create New Yearโ€™s resolutions that you can easily execute. Ensuring that your garage door is in working order is actually a pretty simple task. Start this new year by incorporating garage door maintenance into your yearly or bi-monthly routine. By doing so you will save money, secure your valuables and keep your family safe this year.ย 

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