Las Vegas is known for dry heat but is no stranger to temperature and other weather extremes. Normally dry conditions can suddenly turn stormy. Temperature extremes and moisture can increase the effects of wear and tear, causing a wooden garage door to crack, bend, or warp. Wood is also prone to mildew, moss, dust, and other contaminants that can leave it looking unsightly.

First, it is important to waterproof your garage door. To do this effectively:

  • Clean the wood surface with a quality wood-cleaning product, removing any dirt or mildew. For a new, unsealed door, sand it to remove any mill glaze. Then apply a wood cleaner and spray the door with water using a power washer. Low pressure is enough to remove most stains and keep your garage door looking fresh.
  • Treat the door with a weather-resistant finish. You can use a varnish, paint, or other film finish, which can offer some protection. However, such finishes are vulnerable to cracking, flaking, and stress due to frequent movement. Flexible oils, stains, and other penetrating finishes are more resistant to such damage.

Protect Your Garage Door on Both Sides

Wood needs protection on the inside and outside. A hydroscopic material, it is susceptible to environmental humidity. While Las Vegas tends to be dry, that doesnโ€™t mean the humidity canโ€™t fluctuate, especially during monsoon season. Wood tends to swell in high humidity and contract when it is dry. Varying humidity between interior and exterior surfaces adds more stress.

Therefore, the interior and exterior of a garage door should be properly finished. You can combine penetrating oils and colorful paints to protect it and reduce the stresses caused by different humidity levels and temperatures.

Maintenance Protects Your Garage Door

The factory seal will wear away over time. You can keep your garage door protected by resealing it. Otherwise, water can seep into the wood; even in small amounts, this can cause moisture damage. The material may develop scuffs and stains, while stress from expansion and contraction of wood will take a toll over time.

Sanding and refinishing should be done every three to five years. When you notice splinters, mold stains, dents, or dings, the wood surface should be sanded down. Once you put on a new layer of stain, you can add a sealant to protect your wooden garage door for many more years.

Maintain All Moving Parts

Movement is one of the greatest strains on garage doors. Since the door is the largest moving part in your home, its hardware should be checked regularly. Grinding noises, scraping sounds, and jerky motion mean there is one or more issues in the system. You may just need to tighten up some loose hardware. If loose bolts or brackets can be corrected with a socket wrench, then you donโ€™t need a technicianโ€™s help.

You can also protect your garage door from wear and tear by checking the balance, replacing worn or broken springs and cables, and lubricating parts. The weather-stripping is another important consideration. If the bottom seal or the rubber lining on the sides are cracked, replace it to ensure your garage door remains protected.

Call Precision Door Service for Help

Garage door professionals at Precision Door Service of Las Vegas can help protect your wooden garage door and can provide repairs 24/7. We also offer inspections as well as maintenance services. To ensure your wooden garage door remains protected, contact our Las Vegas garage door maintenance and installation professionals at 702-553-4621 to schedule a visit.

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