Itโ€™s a good idea to get a garage door tune-up once every six months. Garage doors consist of many mechanical parts that work hard every day and that wear over time. After all, theyโ€™re used as much as several times per day.


A damaged garage door component can lead to many avoidable problems, and even dangerous situations. In the worst case, complete failure of the door can cause major damage to your home or vehicle, and put you and your family in harmโ€™s way. Thousands of people are seriously injured every year due to garage door mishaps.

Thereโ€™s often little or no warning before a part goes bad. Regular tune-ups can spot any problems before they get worse or are even detectable with normal use.

Purpose of a Garage Door Tune-Up

A garage door tune-up is one of the most effective forms of preventative maintenance. It is a detailed process in which a professional technician checks the garage door opener, the tracks, the condition of the door panel, and the tightness of hinges, springs, cables, and screws. Worn rollers can cause a door to go off the track, so a close examination of them will detect any problems. A technician can also lubricate parts and test cable tension.

Bad hinges can eventually cause damage that requires replacing the entire door. But a regular tune-up can spot worn hinges that can be replaced by your technician on the spot. This is much easier and more affordable than replacing a neglected garage door. A tune-up can entirely prevent common serious garage door problems that can happen suddenly without any warning.

Routine maintenance also helps increase longevity. The more wear your garage door has over time, the greater the risk of failure. Door sections may bow or crease in areas where there is high stress. As time goes by, these areas get weaker and require costly repairs. A tune-up can address signs of an issue early and prevent more serious consequences, such as garage door failure. The painless process can prevent a garage door from eventually crashing down on cars, equipment, or people.

Tune-Ups Maintain Your Garage Door Opener Too

Homeowners rely on their garage door openers to get in and out of their garage. If the opener malfunctions, some doors cannot be opened, which is extremely inconvenient. The device consists of many components, which work hard to move a door weighing up to several hundred pounds.

A garage door tune-up may be required by your state or local municipality. In addition to meeting safety regulations, it is often required to sell a home. Routine maintenance has many advantages, including the possibility of your garage door lasting as many as 30 years.

Precision Helps Maintain and Repair Garage Doors

Customers depend on Precision Door Service of Las Vegas to provide tune ups and other routine maintenance. We are committed to quality service and customer satisfaction. Awarded by FranchiseBusinessREVIEWโ„ข and Entrepreneur Magazine, we service all brands and can repair any garage door or garage door opener problem. Technicians arrive in fully stocked trucks, so if you need any repairs or parts replaced during a tune-up, they can do so quickly and effectively.

To request maintenance or 24/7 emergency service, call us at 702-553-4621 or request an appointment online.

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