Garage door covers come in many forms. This holiday season, you can decorate your garage door to make your home more festive. Just as covers are available for various other holidays and special occasions such as graduations, various options are available as winter sets in. Some people even cover their garage doors to be more patriotic or be more connected with nature. Each cover is like a banner or mural that is reusable and lets your garage door open and close as usual.


How to Install a Garage Door Cover

Installing a typical garage door cover takes about 30 to 60 minutes. You only need a few items to get started. These include a tape or folding rule, felt-tip pen, scissors (or a carpet cutter), dry cleaning cloth, a cleaning agent, and a level.

  1. To start, unpack the cover and take accurate measurements of your garage door. You might have to cut the garage door cover to size, so it will fit properly. Basic scissors are usually all you need. Next, thoroughly clean your garage door with a clean cloth, so the surface is smooth and the mural will securely adhere to it.
  2. Turn the poster over so the rear is facing up. Now is time to prepare the surface to stick to the garage door. Stick the loop tape around the edges, making sure to apply it evenly and cutting the edges precisely where they meet the sides of the poster. Next, secure the hook tape to the edges of the garage door, matching the dimensions of the cover.
  3. Now youโ€™re ready to attach the garage door poster. Match the edges and gently press along the length of the tape so the poster sticks to the door. Then find the door handle and mark where it is; cut an opening so you can access the handle to operate the garage door.

Can I Attach a Garage Door Cover to a Sectional Door?

The process of attaching a garage door cover to a sectional door is similar. Make sure the door is clean and the poster is trimmed to fit. Hook tape must be attached to the edges of each door section. The fuzzy side of the tape is then stuck to the back of the poster. However, each section of the poster will have to be trimmed for each individual door panel, before it is attached.

Like before, mark where the door handle is and cut the poster for it to fit through. Continue attaching the cover section by section. When youโ€™re done, the door should open and close normally without damaging the cover.

Garage Door Cover Considerations

When installing a garage door cover, make sure the outside temperature isnโ€™t too cold or too warm. For the best results, attach the hook strip to the garage door first. Wait 24 hours before securing the cover to the door.

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