My Garage Door Fell Off Track!

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garage door off trackGarage doors can go off-track for many reasons. In fact, this is not an uncommon problem. But it can have serious consequences if not addressed by a seasoned professional. Attempting a quick DIY fix on off-track doors will only cause more trouble.

Under no circumstances should you wait to fix an off-track garage door. Or, even worse, try to operate it. The door can come crashing to the ground, spreading debris across your garage and driveway. Being several hundred pounds, a garage door can cause serious damage and personal injury too.

A technician can often correct the underlying problem if there’s a misaligned panel or a roller has come loose. The issue may therefore be resolved quickly, which is great if your car is stuck inside or left outside exposed to the elements. Stop your garage door as soon as something isn’t right, and call your local garage door repair contractor. They can identify any of the following reasons your garage door fell off track:

Broken Springs

When a spring fails on one side of the door, the other side will be forced to carry the load. The door can then run off the track. Garage door springs are designed to last for several years. But they carry the most load of any component. If there’s a worn or broken spring, your best option is to call a professional with experience in spring repair.

Broken Rollers

Severely worn rollers can fall off their mountings. If one or more rollers are faulty, your garage door can go off track. The reason is the garage opener will struggle to open and close and the door will run unevenly, straining garage door rollers to the breaking point. Additionally, worn roller treads can cause rollers to pop out, while dirt or a lack of lubrication can cause problems too.

Loose Tracks

The screws, hinges, and bolts anchoring the track to the system can loosen, causing the track to shift as the garage door opens and closes. The track may then be unable to hold the rollers in place. In many cases, tightening parts, cleaning the track, and/or lubricating it can resolve the problem. It’s first important to examine the system to find a simple fix or determine if you need professional assistance.

Damaged Tracks

The tracks are molded specifically to accommodate the shape of the rollers. Dents can form as the garage door bumps into them, tools or equipment inadvertently strike them, or you hit a track with a garbage pail or storage container. Small dents can sometimes be fixed with a hammer or rubber mallet and a wood straightening block. Heavily damaged tracks should be replaced by a garage door repair professional.

Missing Parts or Hardware

There are many nuts and bolts that hold your garage door and its components together. If any loosen to the point they fall out (potentially causing key hardware components to go with them), you may or may not notice it. But they certainly have an effect. Any changes in function or a misalignment can cause the garage door to run of its track.

Obstruction of Track

The garage door is so heavy that any obstruction can have a big impact. It may just be a collection of dirt and dust. A rake handle can unknowingly fall onto the track. Any type of debris can make its way in there as your garage door is in motion. The best way to avoid problems is to periodically check the tracks for obstructions and to lubricate them during garage door maintenance.

Broken Cable

Cables cushion the weight of the door while supporting it. Under normal conditions, garage door cables last a long time, but wear and tear eventually lead to breakage if the cable isn’t replaced in time. The garage door can go off track when one or both cables fail. Although simple, cables serve a very important function in your garage door system.

Damaged Door

Damage to the top or bottom of a garage door panel is another reason for off track doors. A strong enough impact can force it free as well. For example, you accidentally hit the door with your car. The level of damage can vary greatly depending on the impact. Whenever the door is off the track, contact a garage door technician to assess the full scope of the damage, provide the appropriate repairs, and ensure it is safe to use.

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