Different Styles of Garage Doors to Consider


Various Styles of Garage Doors for Your Home

The garage door takes up one-third of your home’s exterior and significantly influences the look of your property. When you’re ready to purchase a new door, you’ll want to be aware of the different styles that are available to ensure that you choose the right fit for your house. When you’re looking to boost your home’s curb appeal, there are a few styles of garage doors to consider.

Barn Doors

Barn doors add a rustic touch to residential properties and are favored for the touch of character that they add to homes. Barn doors are known to slide to the side, which is ideal if you want to keep the ceiling clear. Sectional roll-up barn doors also have the same design and are more functional if you don’t want to compromise on the style of the feature. Barn doors also feature black hardware on the exterior of the door for a touch of detail.

Traditional and Contemporary

Traditional and contemporary garage doors are commonly seen on most homes and feature details like panel and trim for a high level of dimension. They can often be sturdier than other styles if they’re built with authentic frame-and-panel construction, which can allow them to last longer and reduce the risk of Henderson garage repair over time. Glass panels may also be used for windows, which look upscale and allow natural light to flood into the garage.

Sleek Garage Doors

Modern homes often feature sleek garage doors that are both minimal and upscale. The door often features sleek lines and dozens of windows that are clear or frosted. Retro-modern garage doors with slab doors are also increasing in popularity and can have a single panel that is opened compared to having to open the garage door as an entire unit. Slab doors are built with an automatic opener and can be more convenient and advanced to use each day.