Why You Should Consider a New Garage Door That Has a Built-in Screen


Three Benefits of a Garage Door With a Screen

Although most people just use the garage as a place to park their vehicles and store lawn and garden equipment, bicycles and tools, the garage could be doing a lot more for you. If you have wanted a bigger gathering space or more room to work on your hobbies, a new garage door in Las Vegas with a screen may be the solution you need. Consider these three benefits of a garage door that has a screening unit attached to it.

Gain a Space for Your Hobbies

The screening system for a garage door clips onto the regular door much like a screen for your front door hangs in the same place and uses the same hardware as your regular front door. You can disengage the screen from the regular garage door and pull it down. The lightweight screen allows you to have airflow for working on hobbies such as painting. The screen keeps out the dust and ventilates the area.

Create a Man Cave or Leisure Room

If you want to have your pals over to watch the big game or you like to play video games with friends, a screen allows you to turn the garage into a man cave. A few ceiling fans will combine with the screened door to promote airflow. When the game is over, pull the cars back in and close your garage door as usual.

Keep Dust and Pests Away

If you work on your cars or do some woodworking in your garage, a screen keeps the dust away and protects your tools and sensitive electronics. The screen also keeps flies and other bugs out of the area. With the screen down, you could enjoy evenings in your garage without getting bugged by insects.