Avoid Scams! Learn to Hire a Garage Door Repair Expert


Four Easy Steps to Avoid Garage Door Repair Scams

There are many reasons that you will want to hire a garage door repair person if your door starts experiencing problems. They are experts at spotting where the trouble lays and remedying it quickly. Additionally, they have the tools and know how to use them so that all jobs are completed safely. The hardest part is finding a garage door repair expert that you can trust.

Choose a Bonded and Insured Company

You do not want just any stranger entering your garage when you need garage door repair in Henderson. Therefore, look for someone who is bonded and insured. This provides protection against any accidental injury that occurs while the repair person is working on the door. It also covers you in the event that something comes up missing after the repair person has been on your property.

Check Reviews

A good company is always willing to share with you references where they have previously worked, and they will give you time to contact these references because they are proud of the work that they have already completed. You need, however, to do your own research, and a great place to start is with the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been filed against them.

Ask for an Estimate

The repair person should be willing to tell you about how much your repair is going to cost if you can tell them the basic problem. Once they arrive at your property, then they should be willing to give you a written estimate in person before they begin any work. If they are only willing to give you an hourly estimate, then ask how long they think the job should take. Make sure that you are not going to pay exorbitant fees for supplies that they do not bring with them. Since things seem to always break at the most inconvenient times, make sure to ask about any additional fees for working in the evening or on the weekend.

Pay After the Job is Complete

Some honest companies may ask you to pay for parts before they install them at your property, however, never pay for a job until it is completed. The contractor should be willing to walk you through exactly what they did to fix their job. They should also be willing to give you a warranty ensuring that you never have to pay for that job to be completed again.