Common Summer Garage Door Problems

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Your garage door can take a beating during the summer. Extreme heat, direct sunlight, and severe weather can cause problems that affect the door and various components. If your garage door opener gets stuck open in 100°F+ temperatures, it can affect how your air conditioning works and make your home uncomfortable, but it also creates safety and security issues. A damaged garage door can be extremely dangerous considering its heavy components and parts that are under high tension.

Common Problems and Solutions

Here are some of the most common problems faced by Las Vegas homeowners to help you focus your garage door maintenance efforts and to determine when a garage door technician is needed.

Sensor Issues Due to Direct Sunlight

The safety sensors, or photo eyes, are built-in to detect obstructions and reverse the garage door if anything is in its path. They can avoid crushing an object or someone below the door. But sometimes a sensor can mistake a beam of sunlight for an obstruction, causing the garage door to open for seemingly no reason. Solutions to the problem include:

  • Installing sensor eyeshades: You can sometimes order them from the sensor manufacturer; if they’re not available, you can make DIY eyeshades out of cardboard or aluminum foil.
  • Flip/adjust the sensors: A technician can flip the receiver and sender sensors to eliminate interference from sunlight.
  • Get an insulated garage door: Insulation is one of the most effective ways to keep your garage cool and make sure excess heat doesn’t damage sensitive components.

Power Outages Due to High Winds

Wind and thunderstorms may occur during the summer, sometimes resulting in power outages or surges that can cause equipment failure. You can protect your system by using a single-plug surge protector or installing a battery backup system. This enables your garage door opener to function even during a power outage. But in case all else fails, learn how to operate your door manually. Practice using the red emergency release cord so you can open or close the garage door and avoid getting locked in or out.

Garage Door Fading Due to Sunlight

The paint on a garage door can fade with exposure to direct sunlight. Fading can be addressed by applying a fresh coat of paint or exterior stain finish. This can be done annually or when the appearance of the door begins to deteriorate. Wooden garage doors are most prone to fading, although steel doors can be as well; a liquid wax can protect them against harsh sunlight and other elements. Another issue with sunlight is it generates heat, increasing the temperature of the door’s surface and inside parts, which can cause electric components to malfunction.

Garage Door Noises

Hot weather can cause lubricant on tracks and other moving parts to dry out. With a lack of lubrication, your garage door may start to make loud noises, such as screeching or grinding, during operation. Over time, excess wear and tear can make the system less reliable and lead to expensive repair jobs. Lubricate hinges, rollers, tracks, chain drives, and other parts every month using a lithium grease or specialized garage door lubricant. This can make your garage door quieter and more efficient.

Contact Precision Door Service of Las Vegas

Precision Door Service of Las Vegas is available this summer and year-round to provide garage door installation, repair, and maintenance. Following social distancing and other recommended guidelines during the coronavirus pandemic, our expert technicians are prompt, courteous, and able to correct any problem. Our live operators are available 24/7. Call 702-637-2700 for help addressing common summer garage door problems or to reach us for emergency garage door service.