Can Garage Door Openers Overheat?

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Did you know that garage door openers can overheat?

It is uncommon for a garage door opener to overheat. But like an electronic system, it can. Heavy use can cause the temperature of the opener to rise very quickly. A problem with the mechanism can cause an overheating problem as well. The human body can adapt to heat during the summer, but garage door openers are not so lucky. If the issue isn’t addressed, overheating can lead to component damage and even cause the entire system to fail.

Below, we will discuss the causes of garage door opener overheating and how you can prevent it from occurring.

How Does Garage Door Overheating Occur?

Overheating is more common in the summer with constant exposure to hot temperatures. It is even more likely with excessive use. If you open and close the garage door repeatedly over a brief period of time, the mechanism can become overworked. This generates heat and can even cause smoke to emanate from the garage door opener.

What Happens When Garage Door Openers Overheat?

An overheating event will trigger an automatic thermal overload feature, which is include in most modern garage door openers. This safety feature will activate when the system reaches a pre-determined temperature. The system will shut down and reset once it cools down. In most cases, you should be able to continue operating your garage door. It’s generally best to wait 20 to 30 minutes before attempting to do so.

However, if there is a serious overheating problem, the garage door opener may begin to smoke. A smoking garage door opener is a serious matter. It can signal a thermal overload in the motor, which can destroy it and completely disable the system. Smoke can indicate damage to the capacitor as well. While overheating can cause serious problems, it is not likely to cause a fire.

If you see smoke coming from your garage door opener, always deactivate it and call a professional to check the system. Leave the door open to let the smoke escape. And, if it’s absolutely necessary to operate it, use the manual release function.

How to Prevent Garage Door Opener Overheating

As drastic as the problem may seem, you can easily prevent overheating. For the best chances of avoiding it:

  • Use your garage door as little as possible during the hottest hours of the day.
  • Try to open and close the door during the morning or evening hours.
  • Don’t operate the garage door more than once in 15 minutes.
  • Install a cooling and/or ventilation system in the garage.
  • Keep up with regular maintenance to ensure everything is working properly.

If the system overheats once, it probably won’t get too hot. The motor’s thermal overload monitor should trigger a kill switch, cutting power and preventing any further trouble. But there’s no DIY method of troubleshooting the issue yourself. Multiple overheating events can cause major damage, so it’s wise to consult with an expert to perform an inspection and determine the cause.

Contact Precision Door Service of Las Vegas

Precision Door Service of Las Vegas can help you with an overheated garage door opener. Our certified technicians are trained and equipped to find the cause of the problem and fix it. We continue to provide repair, maintenance, and installation services for all brands of garage door openers during the coronavirus pandemic, adhering to social distancing and other guidelines to protect you while providing the service you need. For Las Vegas garage door service anywhere in the Valley, including Henderson, Summerlin, and Boulder City, contact us today at 702-637-2700. Our live operators are available 24/7.