When to Get a New Garage Door Opener

Older homes often have features and parts that need to be replaced over time due to their age. The garage door is no exception and will eventually need to have a new garage opener to ensure that it operates well. There are a few benefits of purchasing a new opener when the old product is outdated.

Reduce the Noise

Your garage door will make noise when it opens and closes but it shouldn’t be so loud that it wakes up the people in the house. New garage doors are quieter and won’t cause you to become startled when the feature is turned on each day. The cause of the noise on older models is due to the chain drive, which you can consider replacing with a screw drive or belt drive garage door opener.

Avoid Using Keys

Using a key to secure your garage door to reduce the risk of an intruder breaking into the garage can be inconvenient when you’re late for work. With a new garage door opener, you can avoid using keys to ensure and increase the security of your home. You can opt for using a keypad that is installed, which will require a code to get into the building. The code can be shared with your family members or friends when you’re not present and will allow you to avoid losing the key. New keypads even have a fingerprint detection feature for added security and ease of use.

Safety Reversal

New garage doors are known to be safer because they’re built with a safety reversing mechanism that reduces the risk of accidents or injuries on the property when the feature is used. With a professional garage installation in Las Vegas, you could obtain a product that has sensors and will detect if a person or object is in the way of the door as it operates. New doors will immediately stop and reverse when something is in the way to prevent damage.