If you have issues with your garage door staying closed, it’s generally a result of sensors or limit settings that are not properly set. A professional garage door installer can help resolve the problem and get your garage door back to working the way it should.

Why Won’t My Garage Door Stay Closed?

Most garage door openers will operate well with very little maintenance; however, there can be occasions when components become misaligned or your opener needs to be adjusted. One common problem is a garage door that goes down, stays down for about a second, then immediately goes back up. You might also experience a door that only goes part way down before coming to a stop, leaving a gap between the bottom of the garage door and your driveway.

Sensors Are Not Properly Aligned

There are sensors on each side of the garage door positioned close to the bottom of the track. The sensors are designed as a safety feature that will trigger the door to open if there is any type of obstruction in the door’s path. While the sensors are typically very secure, they can be moved if they are accidentally bumped.

If these sensors are not properly aligned, they can prevent your garage door from closing properly. Just like if you leave something blocking the path of the door, if the sensors are out of alignment, it’s not unusual for your garage door to go part way down, then immediately reverse direction because the sensors have triggered the safety feature.

Garage Door Opener Limits

Another common reason why a garage door might not stay closed is that the limits are not adjusted properly. When the limits are set either too high, the garage door goes part way down but doesn’t hit the ground where it expects it to be. Likewise, if the limits are set too low, the door hits the ground and senses it as an obstruction, rather than the bottom limit of the door. Adjusting the limits of the garage door opener should be left to a professional.

Get Your Garage Door Working Properly

A company that offers professional repair, maintenance, and garage installations in Las Vegas, can help ensure that your garage door is operating at its best.