las vegas garage maintenance

The unfortunate side of a lot of professional Henderson garage repair is that it could’ve been avoided with a little TLC from the homeowner. It doesn’t take much more than a visual inspection each month and a little elbow grease, and if you do need a professional, then that early call can save you quite a bit.

Visual Inspection Each Month

Set a date to visually inspect your garage doors each month. You’ll want to do this from inside the garage. Note the doors, handles and seals for any signs of wear. Pay particular attention to springs, cables, pulleys, rollers, tracks and so forth. Ensure that everything is tight, and tighten as needed. If you have looseness you can’t diagnose or something just doesn’t feel right, then call in a professional.

Open and Close the Doors

It’s also a good idea to open and then close the doors or vice versa. Listen to how the movement sounds and look for unusual or particularly heavy vibrations. You don’t necessarily have to do this each month. If you use the doors throughout the week, then just do it then on an occasional basis.

Clean and Oil as Needed

Clean your garage doors and any pertinent hardware as needed. The goal here is to not let grime build up over time. Simply use whatever cleaning method makes the most sense. Sometimes you’ll need running water from a hose, and other times a leaf blower or air compressor will work better. You’ll also want to oil all tracks, chains, and other movement parts on a semi-annual basis and whenever you hear squeaking or other signs of friction.

Semiannual Inspection

Your semiannual inspection should be performed by a professional at least once every several years. The three main tests during this inspection are the balance test, the reversing mechanism test and the force setting test, which should all be discussed in the user manual for your garage doors.