Automatic garage door openers make life much simpler. Letโ€™s not kid ourselves, having to pull into your driveway and physically lift a heavy garage door is just a hassle. Not only is it tough on your back and time consuming, but if the weather isnโ€™t being agreeable, you can find yourself stuck in a downpour as you raise and lower your manual garage door.ย 


While your garage door springs do a lot of the heavy lifting, garage door openers make it possible to remotely will your garage door open and close at the touch of a button. Whatโ€™s more is garage door manufacturers are integrating modern technologies into newer garage door models, making it possible to pair with your smartphone.ย 

If you havenโ€™t found the need to replace your existing garage door opener until now, youโ€™re in luck! Weโ€™ve compiled a list of the best, most affordable and tech-savvy Chamberlain garage door openers on the market today. This short guide will help you find the perfect Chamberlain garage door opener to suit your lifestyle and budget.ย 

Best Chamberlain Garage Door Openers for Your Home

Garage door openers need to fulfill a few basic functions. Quick and quiet access, remote capabilities, and be outfitted with a motor that is powerful and reliable. Chamberlain tops several lists for best garage door openers in the industry. Here are several of their best sellers.ย 

Chamberlain B970 –ย 

  • Best Overall – The Chamberlain B970 ranks on the best overall list due to its 360 degrees of strength, power, connectivity and whisper-quiet operation.ย 
  • Powerful Motor – The Chamberlain B970 earns high marks for horsepower. Equipped with a powerful 1 ยผ horsepower drive, it provides homeowners with the power they need to quickly get in and out of their garage easily and safely.ย ย 
  • Built-in Backup Battery – Built-in backup batteries are a very useful perk if there is a power outage or power surge. If bad weather hits and knocks out the power, you can have peace of mind that your vehicle wonโ€™t be stuck in the garage in times of an emergency.ย 
  • Quiet Operation – Because the B970 is belt-driven and reinforced with steel, it allows for smooth and quiet operation. This is especially useful for busy families and parents that work late. No need to wake the dog or entire brood if youโ€™re coming home late from the office.ย 
  • Wi-Fi Enabled – Chamberlain made this model with connectivity and convenience in mind. The Chamberlain myQapp and MyQ technology is a high-tech feature that allows homeowners to use their smartphone to open and close their garage door remotely. You can also put it on a timer, or open it remotely for secure deliveries. Youโ€™ll never have to worry about porch pirates with the Chamberlain B970.ย 
  • Lifetime Warranty – The lifetime warranty on the Chamberlain B970 is about as good as it gets. It comes with a lifetime warranty on the garage door opener motor and belt, and a 5-year warranty on the garage door opener parts.ย 

Chamberlain WD832KEV –ย 

  • Best Overall – The Chamberlain WD832KEV is a popular choice among homeowners because of its overall functionality and affordability. For those that donโ€™t have the need or desire to link your smartphone to your garage door, this is a great choice both in price and strength.ย 
  • Reliable & Affordable – Due to the streamlined design and quality parts, this garage door opener gets gold stars for reliability. Because the WD832KEV lacks the high-tech features of others, making it more affordable for families on a budget.ย 
  • Quiet Operation – This garage door opener offers ยฝ horsepower of pick-up power and is much quieter than other chain drive garage door openers due to Chamberlainโ€™s Motor Vibration Isolation System. This absorbs added vibrations to minimize the clamor that most garage doors make.ย 
  • Safety – This go-to garage door opener was made with safety in mind. It comes equipped with the Posilock antitheft mechanism that protects your garage, and ultimately your home, from forced entry.ย 

Chamberlain C205 –ย 

  • Best Budget – If affordability is your main concern, then this is the garage door opener for you. The Chamberlain C205 may be considered a budget-friendly garage door opener but that doesnโ€™t mean it lacks power and ability. The C205 also comes with the antitheft system and the MyQ garage door technology can be integrated as an add-on. For under $150, it is easy to see why new homeowners gravitate towards this as a starter garage door opener.

Chamberlain C870 –ย 

  • Best Wi-Fi Enabled, Smart Garage Door Opener – This is a great choice for those that like all things high-tech. The Chamberlain C870 is widely considered a smart garage door opener, and for good reason. The built-in Wi-Fi capabilities ensure that youโ€™ll never leave your garage door open again. No need to purchase the MyQ add-on, Chamberlainโ€™s MyQ technology is already installed and ready to go. You can also fully integrate your garage door into any smart home system. Now homeowners can use Google Home, Nest, Wink, IFTTT, or Xfinity Home to control their garage door remotely.ย ย 

Call Precision Garage Door Las Vegas for Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Installation and Repair

Precision Garage Door Las Vegas is focused on customer satisfaction and only carries the very best garage door brands and accessories. We understand that poorly installed garage doors or garage door openers can mean putting homeowners at risk of injury or damages to their garage door. Thatโ€™s why we have partnered with Chamberlain to bring our customers a wide variety of exceptional garage door openers.ย 

As a trusted distributor of Chamberlain garage door openers, Precision Garage Door carries a wide variety of models. We honor warranties and service all Chamberlain products. If your current garage door opener is giving you problems, doesnโ€™t have Wi-Fi connectivity and makes a racket when it opens and closes, maybe it is time to give Precision Garage Door Las Vegas a call. Become one of the thousands of satisfied customers today.

For assistance with a new garage door opener or if youโ€™re looking to replace your old garage door, use our interactive Garage Door Designer or contact us directly at (702) 637-2700. Our garage door installation experts can answer your questions or schedule a free over-the-phone estimate.

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