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Four Reasons Homeowners Should Upgrade Older Garage Door Openers

Often, the garage door repair Henderson residents require has to do with their openers. That said, well-maintained openers often last for decades, and many homeowners continue to use older equipment because perhaps there isn’t much impetus to change. But the advantages of the newer technology may provide some motivation.

Better Security

Statistically, a majority of burglars gain access to homes via an attached garage. Newer openers employ rolling codes, which means that each time you access your opener, the existing code is discarded and a new one—from more than a billion possibilities—is generated. If you have an older opener that uses DIP switches, however, it’s a rather simple thing for a would-be burglar to identify the static code as part of casing the home and then use it later when you aren’t there.

More Connected

Everything made for home convenience these days is designed to be connected. Another term for this is smart. Smart openers can be activated to open or close from a smartphone, including over the Internet. These openers can be programmed and even learn to a degree, and they can communicate with other smart devices connected to your home.

Less Noise

The advancements in noise suppression when it comes to modern garage door openers is nothing short of remarkable. Not only are older openers noisy, they tend to get noisier with age even when they’re well-maintained. If you can hear your garage door opening and closing from within your home, then an upgrade to newer equipment can make a significant difference.

Safer Too

Modern openers are safer because they employ two automatic reversal mechanisms. Photo-cell safety beams, which are a relatively new standard for garage door openers, use an infrared beam and a reflector. If that beam is broken, the door won’t close, and this approach is more reliable than mechanical detection.