Wiping Away Regular Grime From Your Garage Doors


Keeping your garage doors clear of everyday grime doesn’t have to require a lot of effort or even expensive cleaning materials.

Cleaning Scuff Marks From a Garage Door

If you own a home with garage doors in Las Vegas, then you know how fast dust, grime and scuffing can build up. The good news is that some light elbow grease or even a little bit of paint can get rid of the most stubborn stains.

Cleaning Grim Buildup and Scuff Marks

The easiest way to keep grime from building up on your garage doors is to spray them with a hose; once a week should do the trick. If your panels have mold or mildew, you can wipe them lightly with a disposable cloth after hosing. For scuff marks, dampen a cloth with a solution of a little household detergent mixed in warm water and rub the mark lightly using a circular motion. Don’t use a stronger agent, because it can remove paint from wood, vinyl and metal.

Painting Over Stubborn Marks

If you have stubborn marks that aren’t eliminated by gentle scrubbing and dish soap, spot painting can do the trick. You can paint wood, metal and even vinyl. With wood and metal, use a surface-appropriate primer, cover the marks, let the area dry and apply a latex-based paint over the spot. Keep the primed and painted areas as small as possible so that the new paint blends, and try to feather it as you brush. For vinyl garage door panels, use a vinyl touch-up kit.

Polishing Handles and Other Hardware

If you have brass hardware, then the aged look may work for it. For most other hardware, a mixture of water, detergent and ammonia should be enough to clean grime and stave off rust and corrosion. For stubborn stains, consider a cleaner that’s designed to eliminate lime on kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

Cleaning and Replacing Weather Seals

Weather sealing should be replaced as soon as it shows signs of wear, but you can help it last longer by wiping away the grease and other substances that can break it down. Applying a thin film of petroleum jelly can help with rubber that’s cracking slightly, but any signs of cracking indicate that it’s a good time to replace the stripping.