Springtime is always a welcomed sight. With it brings warmer weather, longer days, and drier air. This is a great time to get some home maintenance done that was left to linger over the winter months. When the snow and ice begin to thaw, it may uncover some parts of your home that have rusted or fallen into disrepair while you were in hibernation mode.ย 

Garage doors take quite a beating during the winter. As if their job wasnโ€™t hard enough, the frigid temperatures put even more strain on your garage door springs and other garage door components. When the weather starts to warm up, it is the ideal time to get into your garage and inspect your garage door for any wear and tear.ย 

If you noticed that your garage door is acting a little wonky and is having trouble going up and down, and is making a lot of noise, or simply not ascending all of the way, there could be something seriously wrong. Donโ€™t wait until your garage door breaks altogether. It is better to get ahead of the problem before it worsens. Aside from repairs, if your garage door is on the older side, it may need to be replaced for a new garage door. And youโ€™re in luck. Springtime is the ideal time of year to go shopping for a new garage door.ย 

Why Spring Is the Best Time to Buy a New Garage Door?

When springtime arrives, our internal clocks readjust and people typically get more motivated to clean out closets, fix their cars, wash out the gutters, and yes, inspect their garage doors. Some minor garage door malfunctions can be remedied on your own, but for larger problems, you may want to consider replacing your garage door. If that is the case, youโ€™ll be happy to know that there are several benefits to inspecting your existing garage door or installing a new garage door in the spring.ย 

  • Winter Wear & Tear – Garage door springs, in particular, take quite a beating in colder temperatures. They get rigid and even brittle, and can then expand when the weather warms up to create even more issues for your garage door. The trouble with garage door springs is that they arenโ€™t really a DIY project. If you try to replace your garage door springs on your own, you could wind up doing more harm than good. Spring is a great time to contact a professional garage door technician to conduct a thorough garage door tune-up and look into your torsion spring counterbalance. They will be able to assess whether your garage door needs to be replaced, or if a simple garage door tune-up is sufficient to get yours through the next winter.ย 
  • The Weather Is Just Right – It goes without saying that any home maintenance project is made more difficult in extreme weather. Frigid temperatures make emergency garage door service a nightmare, while the sweltering heat of the summer makes garage door maintenance even more of a challenge. Spring is the best weather for home maintenance projects, plain and simple.ย 
  • Security & Safety – Make security a top priority going into the summer months. As stated before, garage doors take a beating during the winter which can compromise its functionality. If a garage door has fallen into disrepair it is more susceptible to being pried open when you are not at home. Installing a garage door that has updated locks, sensors, and MyQ enabled smart home accessories can make your home a safer place. A damaged garage door is much easier for a criminal to force open. Installing an entirely new garage door with updated safety components can reinforce your garage and make it an impenetrable location in your home.ย 
  • Get a Great Deal! – To jumpstart their springtime business, most garage door companies push specials and promotions ahead of summer. Youโ€™ll be more likely to get a great deal on a new garage door, a garage door tune-up, or garage door repair services in the springtime. When you add to that tax return season, it is easy to see why homeowners and businesses alike favor springtime to tend to household maintenance projects.ย 

ย Call The Professionals at Precision Garage Door Las Vegas

Precision Garage Door Las Vegas is taking steps to follow CDC guidelines to the exact letter in regards to COVID-19. We are enacting added safety precautions to ensure our customers and their home environments are left undisturbed. This includes outfitting our garage door technicians in safety masks, gloves, and sterilization products. If you need garage door replacement or installation, you can rest easy knowing that Precision Door Las Vegas can get the job done efficiently, professionally, and safely.ย 

For assistance fixing or installing new garage door safety sensors or if youโ€™re looking to replace your old garage door opener, contact us directly at 702.637.2700. Our garage door installation experts can answer your questions or schedule a free virtual estimate.

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