Understanding Everyday Garage-Door Repairs

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Your garage door may reliably open each time you press the opener, but this mechanical wonder will break down over time. In fact, there are several common repairs that are inherent to roll-up doors. With a two-car garage door weighing about 200 pounds, these doors need perfectly aligned tracks and a strong opener to keep them moving without fail. Take a deeper look at everyday repairs that might affect your door’s operation.

Large Spring Malfunctions

Above the garage door along the interior wall is a large, horizontal spring. This component literally pulls the door up and down as necessary. It’s under a lot of tension as a spring, however, so it can snap over time. You might hear a loud cracking noise when you activate the opener, and the door won’t open at all. You’ll need a professional to replace that spring as soon as possible.

Backup Battery Issues

Garage-door repairs also include the opener itself. Inside the opener is a large battery meant to provide reserve energy to the system if the main electrical panel goes out. However, the backup battery doesn’t last forever. Professionals can replace it every few years.

Frozen Rollers

The wheels attached to the garage door will move repeatedly through the years as they glide against the track. These items can freeze, however, from rust and other residual buildup. Professionals can clean or replace them as necessary.

Track Alignment

Your garage door rides along a track that’s built in sections. It ultimately has a rough “L” shape, but it can become misaligned. Any misalignment places unwanted pressure on the door, which leads to its decline. Ideally, ask professionals to align and verify the track on a yearly basis to keep it in prime shape.

Sensor Concerns

Sensors that flank the garage door will require repairs at times too. These sensors tell the door when it’s all clear to open or close. If they’re misaligned, the door may not work at all. Professionals can quickly align them with specific troubleshooting actions.

Be mindful of the door’s weight if you try to open it manually. Most modern openers offer you a manual pull-string in order to disengage the door from the mechanical components. Pull the garage door open by hand when the system is offline, but keep children and pets away from the opening. Call today for professional garage repair in Las Vegas.