Tips for Purchasing a New Garage Door

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What to Look for in a New Garage Door

When you’re in the market to purchase a brand-new garage door, you will need to consider a few things. This article will show Las Vegas homeowners how to buy the garage door that will best suit the look of their home.

Cost and Measurements

The best garage door for your home will be one that best suits your security, aesthetic, and practical needs. For these reasons, you should never purchase a garage door from the experts in garage door repair Henderson based purely on cost.

Newer homes tend to require a standard sized door. However, many older doors take other types of sizes. Before you set out to purchase a door for your garage, measure your garage’s opening as well as the distance from the ceiling to the door track. When you hire a technician, give them your door measurements so they can take the proper steps.

Materials and Styles

Manufacturers make synthetic, aluminum, steel and wooden doors for garages. Each of these doors works well with certain types of homes and garages. When selecting a door material for your garage, keep in mind the material’s ease of maintenance, curb appeal, and the length of time that it will last.

When you get a new garage door, you can dramatically change the look of your house. Do you want your home to have a modern or vintage feel to it? Do you like the idea of decorative door handles and door hinges adding to the look of your garage door? What would your house look like with a three-panel style? What about a four-panel style?

Security and Garage Door Springs

If security sits at the front of your mind as a homeowner, then the type of garage door you select will determine your level of protection. For example, choosing a steel door with an auto-lock system or a tilt sensor will secure your home better than a fiberglass door.

Your current door may have extension springs on both sides of your garage. Since extension springs differ from torsion springs, ask your technician which type of garage door springs system will work best for your garage.