Three Ways Bird Droppings Could Damage Your Garage Door

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While birds are fun to watch, their droppings can damage any surface onto which they land. Bird droppings and the waste products of other animals are acidic. Over time, exposure to these acids can cause damage to your home, including the garage door. These tips can help you to protect the appearance and structural integrity of your garage door. If damage does develop, an experienced company that does garage repair in Las Vegas can fix the problem.

Surface Stains

If your garage door is painted or seal coated, bird droppings could leave unsightly stains on the surface. When the droppings are not removed, they may penetrate deep into the wood or metal, causing permanent stains and discoloration. Prompt removal of the bird droppings can minimize the appearance of surface stains on the garage door.


The acids in bird droppings can cause metal garage doors to corrode. The longer the droppings sit on the surface of the door, the more damage they can cause. Over time, the areas will begin to rust. A rusted garage door may not open or close properly. Its panels may begin flaking and peeling away from the framing. Removing the droppings and sealing any small areas of corrosion can stop the damage from getting worse.


Bird droppings left on wood surfaces on or around a garage door may cause the wood to rot. The moisture in the droppings weakens the wood and keeps it damp. This situation can worsen if birds build a nest in the wooden framing around a garage door. Moist wood can also become warped. If the garage door or its frame is warped, it may no longer close properly. If a large area of wood has rotted, it will need to be replaced. The new wood should be sealed and painted to protect to ward off a recurrence.