Signs That Suggest Your Garage Door Needs Some Professional Attention


Common Signs That Your Garage Door Needs Repair

Well-maintained garage doors in Henderson can last for 25–30 years or more, depending on the type of door it is and how much use it gets. While you may not think about your garage door when it’s working as expected, there are some signs you should pay attention to that suggest it’s time to consider requesting professional garage door repair in Henderson. Addressing potential problems sooner rather than later can help you avoid safety risks, urgent repair expenses, and added stress.

Slow Response Time with Your Opener

The need for garage door repairs isn’t always as obvious as a door that’s not opening or a remote that’s not responding when pressed. Slow response times with your opener can also suggest there’s a problem that needs professional attention. Normally, garage door openers will trigger the desired response within a few seconds after being pressed. If it’s taking longer than this, there may be something internally that needs to be adjusted or replaced.

Doors Making More Noise Than Usual During Operation

Chain drives, belt drives, and screw drives are the three most common types of garage door openers. While some of these openers are noisier than others, it’s not normal to hear noises that suggest your opener is straining to work. Broken springs and tight cables may be the source of the problem, or there may be an issue with the opener itself. A professional garage door technician in Henderson can safely diagnose and correct problems with noisy operation.

Increased Energy Bills

A garage door that’s struggling to do its job for one reason or another is going to use more energy to operate. If you notice higher than usual energy bills, consider scheduling an inspection to see if there are any repairs that can be made to correct the problem. In some cases, simply replacing an older opener can help. A garage door technician can determine if other parts of your garage door may also need to be replaced. Keep in mind that newer models are designed to be more energy efficient.