Plain dealing, and honest work. I have done accounting for a number of contractors and subcontractors, and as such have had a lot of experience with a lot of different personalities over the years. Healthy skepticism is how I regard my initial meetings with “so called techs” that don’t even know or understand their own business. Well. Precision, from the first call for scheduling (Friendly and accurate) to Jeff who arrived on time, completed the task to better than my expectation, and “took care of” a number of “little issues” like tightening loose hinges overall the door, impressed me very much. This is a tough town, and I give my unqualified thumbs up support to Precision based on my experience on this service call. I will need more work down the road, and I can tell you there is not the slightest question that Precision will get the work. Jeff knew his product, he knew the specialty issues of this specialty trade, he communicated articulately, and clearly without the slightest feeling that I was being “sold”. I don’t want my phone or email up on this website, but if you want to speak with me directly concerning this company, please ask Precision to tell you my phone or email. I am happy to do that because I know how tough it is to find people who show up, know what they are doing, and do the work properly and honestly.