The Reasons Why Your Garage Door Is Opening and Closing by Itself


Garage doors are supposed to only open or close when you push the button on your remote or flip the switch on the garage door’s wall. If your garage door opens and closes all by itself, you will need to arrange for a professional to troubleshoot and repair the door so that you can maintain your home’s security.

Why Your Garage Door Opens and Closes On Its Own

If you are in your home and hear your garage door open or close by itself, you may feel a little apprehensive about your safety. Coming home to find that your garage door has been opened may make you fear for your family’s security. A professional Henderson garage repair service can troubleshoot the situation. If you experience this problem, it could be due to one of these reasons.

Circuit Board Failure

Openers for garage doors contain an internal circuit board. Years of use, exposure to intense heat or a surge of electricity may cause a circuit board failure. Even a temporary brown-out may cause the circuit board to trip. If the circuit board trips, resets or loses and then regains power, it may cause the door to open or close on its own. A technician can inspect the circuit board and determine if it needs to be replaced.

Faulty Remote

If you suspect a problem with the garage door opener’s remote, first check its batteries. If a new set of batteries does not stop the door from opening or closing by itself, the remote could have another issue. The opener may also be receiving the remote’s signal improperly. A technician can reset the remote or replace the remote with a new unit.

Interfering Radio Signals

Another electrical appliance or device in or near your home could be releasing radio signals that interfere with the operation of your garage door opener. If you notice a pattern to when the door opens or closes by itself, you may be able to figure out which device is interfering. Your technician could reset the operating frequency of the opener or replace it with a unit with rolling codes.