Reasons Why Your Garage Door Is Acting Funny and How to Stop It


Why Your Garage Door Has a Mind of Its Own

If it seems like your garage door has a mind of its own, there could be many logical reasons for what is going on. Garage doors operate properly most of the time, but electrical, mechanical or remote interference could be causing the issues. If you notice any of these signs, it is important to arrange for a prompt Las Vegas garage door repair to solve the issue.

Improper Cable Tension

If the cables of a garage door are too slack, the garage door might slam to the ground once it reaches the halfway closed point. If the cables are too tight, the door might not go all the way to the garage floor. If one cable is tighter than the other one is, the door might shake or jerk as it moves, or it might get jammed.

Laser Safety Eye Issues

If the laser safety eye detects a break in the beam, it will not allow the garage door to open or close. It could also do this if the eye is dirty from dust or cobwebs, even though there is no object or person in the way of the door. If the laser eye becomes out of alignment, it could also prevent the door from opening or closing.

Radio Frequency Interference With the Opener

Items in your house that operate on a radio frequency could interfere with the functionality of your garage door opener. Baby monitors, cordless phone handsets, and speakers are just a few of the items that could interfere with the operations of the garage door’s opener. If your opener is older, it could be getting interference from a nearby neighbor’s opener or items in the neighbor’s house.